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Global Mizzou: facts and figures

The MU International Center tracks and reports data on international students and study abroad participation as part of the nationwide Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange, published annually in November by the Institute of International Education, in partnership with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.


Open Doors Mizzou: Fast Facts

International Center Annual Report


Global Mizzou facts

International students make up about 21 percent of Mizzou graduate student enrollment and seven percent of total student enrollment.

MU sends more students to study overseas than any other college or university in Missouri and is among the top six percent of universities nationwide in study abroad participation according to the IIE Open Doors report.

In fall 2015, MU welcomed students from 110 different countries, with over half coming from China.

Since 1998, 54 MU faculty members have been named Fulbright Scholars.

In fall 2015 2,990 international students attended Mizzou - an overall increase of four perceent from the previous year. Undergraduate enrollment increased by 10 percent.

Nearly 20 percent of MU undergraduates study abroad during their academic careers, compared to an estimated 10 percent nationwide.

In 2013/14 MU students studied in 42 different countries, with Italy being the most popular destination.

During 2014/15 MU welcomed over 800 international scholars who worked as educators and researchers at the university.