2018 MU International Engagement Awards: Call for nominations — deadline Sept. 30

June 4, 2018

The MU Council on International Initiatives, International Center and Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs seek outstanding faculty, staff and student nominations for the 2018 International Engagement Awards.

The International Engagement Awards recognize the exceptional work carried out by faculty, staff and students to internationalize the University of Missouri. The awards recognize meaningful and sustained commitments to international work, whether directly on campus or brought back to campus by engagement abroad.

Awards focused on contributions to internationalizing MU are made across three categories:

  • Outstanding faculty contribution
  • Outstanding staff contribution
  • Outstanding student contribution

In order to demonstrate their effect upon internationalizing the campus, nominations must clearly indicate the concrete impact made upon scholarship, students or programs at MU by the nominee’s international work.

Nomination materials

  • Nomination form
  • Descriptive narrative of two to three pages, written by the nominator
  • Curriculum vitae (not necessary for students)
  • Three letters of recommendation — we encourage at least one to be from an international source
  • Supplemental materials supporting the nomination, such as publications, data or other evidence supporting the extent, depth and impact of the nominee’s international engagement on the MU campus

Preferred files type for nomination materials is PDF or Word.


  • Outstanding faculty contribution: All ranked faculty (including non-tenure track ranked faculty) are eligible for this recognition. Contributions recognized often include international research, internationalization of curriculum and teaching methods, international service or international economic development.
  • Outstanding staff contribution: All staff with 0.75 or greater FTE status are eligible to be nominated for this recognition. Contributions recognized often include development and support for international programs, service to international students or unique contributions.
  • Outstanding student contribution: Students who go above and beyond in their international engagement — whether through research or service — may be nominated for this recognition. Student contributions recognized vary widely by the interests of the student.

Self-nominations and current members of the MU Council on International Initiatives will not be considered for this award.


The nomination form and all supporting documents for each nominee should be submitted by email to Rebecca O’Neal (onealr@missouri.edu) by 5 p.m. Sept. 30, 2018.

Award winners will be formally recognized at a campus-wide ceremony during International Education Week in November.