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Staff directory

International student and scholar services

The International Center brings the world to mid-Missouri. Our  International Student and Scholar Services team provides support services to international students and scholars who come to MU, and we help the departments that host them.

Name (last, first)TitleAdvising area(s)
Currey, DavidDirector of international student and scholar services,
Assistant director of the International Center
Colbrecht, KristenInternational student coordinator,
Assistant director of international student and scholar services
Hardesty, KillionInternational student adviserF-1/J-1 non-sponsored students (last/family names starting with A–L)
Whitley, MorrellInternational student adviserF-1/J-1 non-sponsored students (last/family names starting with M–Z)
Heibel, DottieDocument specialist, international students
Collins, JillianDirector of sponsored student programsF-1/J-1 sponsored students
Pate, LaurenInternational sponsored student adviserF-1/J-1 sponsored students
Carranza, KristenDocument specialist, international sponsored students and international scholars
Sellers, LaurenInternational scholar coordinator
Allred, OlgaInternational scholar adviserJ-1 scholars
Gallagher, ColeInternational scholar adviserH-1B scholars
Huh, ChrisSEVIS compliance coordinator
Peterson, RachelSEVIS compliance assistant
Guo, XiaoyuDirector of international analytics

Study abroad

The International Center takes MU around the world. Our Study Abroad team develops and administers quality education-abroad programs that help students gain appreciation and understanding of other nations and cultures, by studying outside the U.S.

Name (last, first)TitleAdvising area(s)
Ayllon, MiguelDirector of study abroad,
Assistant director of the International Center
Brouder, PaulinaAssociate director of study abroad for strategic initiativesPaulina's programs
Palmieri, William Assistant director of study abroadWilliams's programs
Triatik, RebeccaAssistant director of study abroadRebecca's programs
Harris, BrendanStudy abroad adviserBrendan's programs
Jackson, AnDreaStudy abroad adviserAnDrea's programs; exchange students
Alexander, KatieStudy abroad coordinator for student retentionKatie's programs
Duong, MyleStudy abroad enrollment management coordinator
McClaren, IrinaOffice support assistant IV
Aldrich, EmilyStudy abroad peer adviser
Belete, SewitStudy abroad peer adviser
Cobbins, BrianStudy abroad peer adviser
Darnold, AnnaStudy abroad peer adviser
Ehlers, KirstenStudy abroad peer adviser
Heffern, SabrinaStudy abroad peer adviser

International health, safety and security

Name (last, first)TitleAdvising area(s)
Lindeman, BarbaraDirector of international health, safety and security
Veltrop, TonyaAssistant director of international health, safety and security

Office and administrative staff

Name (last, first)TitleAdvising area(s)
Brown, VickyOffice and fiscal manager
Kostina, KatherineFiscal assistant
Baumann, HilaryExecutive staff assistant
Bennett, LornaFront desk assistant


Name (last, first)TitleAdvising area(s)
Jorgensen, ErinDirector of communications
Siess, AubreyStrategic communications associate
Daugherty, NateTerra Dotta Software specialist