Jang Jin

Distinguished artist-in-residence

Photo of Jang Jin

Jang Jin (born in 1971 in Seoul, Korea) is an accomplished South Korean film director, theater director, playwright, screenwriter, film producer and mastermind of the television show "Saturday Night Live Korea." Jang Jin started acting in his freshman year of high school and his passion for acting led him to major in theater studies at Seoul Institute of the Arts. He then started working full-time as a theater director in Korea and eventually became one of Korea's top film directors.

Considered one of the most distinctive voices to emerge from the 1990s Korean cinema renaissance, Jang's unique filmmaking style mixes unconventional storylines, quirky characters, dry and subversive humor, comic twists, sharp puns, stagy presentation, keen observation of society and humanism. In 2015, the International Film Festival Rotterdam honored Jang Jin with a retrospective. Tony Rayns wrote that the director "is best known for one thing: satire. He doesn't respect institutions, powerful individuals or dogmas of any kind. He believes, endearingly, that satirical comedy might change society more effectively than throwing Molotov cocktails."

Awards and recognitions:

  • 2016 8th Festival International Du Film Policier Du Beaune: Grand Prix (Man on High Heels)
  • 2012 30th Fajr International Film Festival International Cinema Competition (Eastern Vista, Asian Cinema): Crystal Simorgh for Best Screenplay (Romantic Heaven)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Special Award for Radio Show Segment (Standard FM Radio Book Club)
  • 2009 5th Korea Green Foundation's People Who Brightened Our World: Person of the Year
  • 2005 4th Korean Film Awards: Best Screenplay (Welcome to Dongmakgol)
  • 2004 5th Busan Film Critics Awards: Best Screenplay (Someone Special)
  • 2000 36th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Screenplay (The Spy)