Chinese Study and Culture Tour

Chongqing Technology and Business University, one of MU’s partners in China, hosts an annual Study and Culture Tour in Chongqing. Experience Chinese culture and life with Chinese friends and professors while also meeting college students from around the globe. You can:

  • Learn or brush up on Mandarin
  • Engage locally through art, tea ceremonies and visits to local homes
  • Interact with Chinese university students
  • See Chinese life up close on field trips

Led by the Asian Affairs Center, this is a unique chance to visit China and gain global knowledge. There is no cost for classes, housing, field trips and special activities. You are responsible for your airfare, meals and incidentals.



Chongqing, China


May 18–30, 2020


  • Current student or recent graduate
  • Strong interest in Chinese culture
  • No language requirement, though beginning classes will be offered
  • Desire to broaden global knowledge

Application deadline


Lesley Sapp

Program cost

Through a special partnership with CTBU, all classes, activities, housing and program transportation are free of charge for MU students or recent graduates. Airfare, meals and incidentals (shopping, going out, etc.) are your responsibility. Most people spend approximately $50 per week on dining out. Eating on or near campus typically costs $2–$5 per meal; going out to Western-style restaurants will be more expensive.