Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK)

The TaLK program is a unique scholarship opportunity to work in Korea as an English teacher, explore the culture of Korea and learn more about yourself in relation to the world around you. The scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education in South Korea, and is designed to support public English education in the rural areas of Korea, where access to higher quality educational resources is limited.


South Korea


Early February for either six months or one year


  • Completed associate’s degree or enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program (must have completed at least 45 credits)
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Be a citizen from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States

Application deadline

See the Office of Service Learning website


Kirsten Pape (papek@missouri.edu), MU Office of Service Learning

Other details

The University of Missouri has an agreement with TaLK to allow current undergraduate students (and recent graduates, in some cases) to pursue this opportunity while still earning credits toward an MU degree.

Current students

The Office of Service Learning and Asian Affairs Center work together to provide credits for this program — three credits for the mandatory pre-departure course with other TaLK participants and up to six credits through the Office of Service Learning. You also have the option to take these credits in conjunction with at least one online class to maintain full-time enrollment at MU.

Recent graduates

In some cases, this program is also available to students who have recently graduated from MU. You may not have to register officially for courses, but will be required to participate in the pre-departure course, which can be audited for a reduced fee. Advisers in the Office of Service Learning can work with you on an individual basis.

Job responsibilities

TaLK program participants engage in arranged classes for 15 hours per week from Monday to Friday, with plenty of time to explore the nation, meet other adventure-minded young people and experience a unique culture.

Scholarship benefits

  • Six-month or one-year placement in a rural elementary school (provisions are made for students returning to campus to continue coursework at MU)
  • 15 hours a week class instruction
  • Accommodations in a studio or one-bedroom furnished apartment
  • Co-scholar teaching partners to assist you while you teach (in many cases)
  • Entrance and exit allowances for your flights
  • Monthly stipend of 1.5 million Korean won (approximately $1,400 USD)
  • One month teacher training orientation
  • Settlement allowance
  • Certificate of completion on behalf of the Korean Ministry of Education