Call for proposals: Funding support for research collaborations through Tri-Continental Partnership

Feb. 12, 2020

The Tri-Continental Partnership (3C) is a trilateral agreement between the University of Missouri, the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and Ghent University in Belgium. The MU Council on International Initiatives invites proposals from MU faculty to support research collaborations with 3C partners.


  • Five awards of up to $2,500 will be granted to support travel and/or research expenses.
  • Awards may support new or ongoing research.
  • Proposals may support a) bilateral research collaborations between MU and UGent or b) trilateral research collaborations between MU, UGent and UWC.
  • Strong proposals will be feasible, address significant issues, build substantive new 3C collaborations or strengthen existing 3C collaborations, result in scholarly products (e.g., peer-reviewed publications, etc.), and be foundational to future/ongoing research projects or applications for extramural funding.
  • The award is open to all full-time MU faculty, including non-tenure track faculty and tenure/tenure-track faculty.
  • Funding awards will be announced by April 13, 2020, and disbursed by May 1, 2020.
  • Funds may be used any time within 12 months following disbursement.

To be considered for funding, please submit the following materials in PDF format by March 15 through the online form.

  • Your current curriculum vitae.
  • An email or letter from at least one collaborating faculty member at each partner institution indicating their willingness to work with you on the proposed project.
  • A proposal, no longer than four pages, single-spaced, that provides the following:
    • Abstract describing the background, objectives, methods and research project (no more than 250 words).
    • Description of your current research collaborations with partner institutions. If this is a new collaboration, please note this, and explain why you believe it will be successful.
    • Timeline for the project, including tentative travel dates and plan for dissemination and future grant submissions.
    • Budget for the project.

For questions about this award, please contact Dr. Tina Bloom (, faculty fellow for International Programs.