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Immigration Tracker

Immigration Tracker is a case management software program that tracks the status of H-1B employees and petitions. By using its web portal, H-1B scholars and their departmental contacts can view the status of any pending petitions filed on the behalf of the scholar as well as information about their status documents, including expiration information.

Logging in

  • To log in to Immigration Tracker, go to the program's web portal and enter your user name and password.
  • Your username and password will be given to you via two separate emails as part of the H-1B process. You may request the International Center to resend the emails at any time. You cannot change your password or username, but you may make a request for the International Center to do so.

Home page

  • The first page you will see is the "Home" tab. In this tab, you can view information for any of the H-1B scholars that you or your department sponsors. Besides reviewing biographical information for the scholar, you can also review what steps in the H-1B process have been completed in the "Process Details" section.
  • At the bottom of the home page is a space for you to leave notes for your personal use or for your scholar to read. If the visibility drop-down menu has "Private" selected, then only departmental contacts will be able to read the note. If the visibility drop-down menu has "Public" selected, the scholar will also be able to view the note.
  • To change the scholar profile that you are viewing, click "Select" next to the scholar whose profile you would like to view on the left side of the screen.
  • The left side of the screen also provides contact information for the International Center staff members involved in working on the petition. Because Immigration Tracker was originally designed for law offices, the International Center staff members are listed under the heading Legal Staff with the titles "Primary Attorney" and "Primary Assistant."
  • The right side of the screen also lists some helpful tips.

Intake page and forms

  • The next tab is the intake tab. For an H-1B petition, the only necessary intake tab is entitled "Beneficiary/Applicant New Process – Intake Form." Clicking on this link will bring up a new window with the Intake Form.
  • On the first page, select "University of Missouri" as the petitioner and the name of your scholar as the beneficiary.
  • Process requested:
    • The "Destination Country" is the United States, which is the default value.
    • For the "Process Type," select the "H-1B" option.
    • "Process Notes" is an optional field that you may use to include a note to the International Center when the Intake Form is submitted.
    • The "date needed" is the date that the scholar will begin his or her H-1B Status.
    • There is also a box to click to notify the International Center if premium processing will be necessary. Premium processing guarantees that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service will process the petition within 15 days of receipt. The department or the beneficiary must pay a $1,225 premium processing fee. For questions about Premium Processing, please contact the H-1B adviser.
  • Intended Job: For all parts of the "Intended Job" section, answer queries in regard to the job that the scholar will be taking in your department.
  • You may add any additional notes to the International Center in the text box at the end of the form.
  • When you are finished filling out the form, click the "submit changes for review" link. The International Center will be notified via email that you have submitted your Intake Form and will then review the form. The H-1B adviser will either accept the form or reject and ask you to edit it if the information provided is insufficient.
  • The intake form is one of the most important steps for beginning the H-1B process. The earlier the intake form is submitted, the earlier the International Center can begin work on the forms. You also will not be able to view any progress on the petition in the web portal until the intake form has been completed and accepted.

Reports page

  • The last tab is the "Reports" tab, which allows you to run various reports.
  • The first box is a set of standard reports that you can view simply by clicking the name of the report.
  • The second box contains both a "Process" and an "Individual" report that you can run and then modify, export and save.
  • Saved reports will appear in the third box.
  • Helpful tips can be found on the right side of the screen.