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Food stores near campus

Mizzou Market Hitt Street

Mizzou Market-Hitt Street.

Shops within walking distance of the MU campus sell food, household items and toiletries that you might need during your first few days in Columbia. Prices vary among the stores.

A&Y Global Market
Fresh and packaged goods from the Mediterranean and Middle East.
Phone: 573-875-8724
Address: 15 N. Fourth St. (map; 10 minute walk from campus)

Clover's Natural Market | website
Fresh and packaged organic and natural foods as well as natural toiletry products and herbs.
Phone: 573-449-1650
Address: 2006 E. Broadway (map; 25 minute walk from campus)

Lee's Market
Fresh produce, rice, canned drinks and packaged foods from many countries.
Phone: 573-443-1977
Address: 700 Cherry St. (map; 10 minute walk from campus)

Lucky's Market | website
Locally-grown and organic produce, meats and dairy, as well as extensive gluten-free foods.
Phone: 573-442-2128
Address: 111 S. Providence Road (map; 10 minute walk from campus)

Olive Branch Café and Food Store
Freshly prepared meals and packaged goods from the Mediterranean and Middle East.
Phone: 573-422-9004
Address: 21 N. Providence Road (map; 15 minute walk from campus)

The Root Cellar | website
Locally grown and organic produce, meats, milk and eggs. The delicatessen serves sandwiches.
Phone: 573-443-5055
Address: 1023 E. Walnut St. (map; 15 minute walk from campus)

Walgreen's Pharmacy | website
Medicine, toiletries, household items, office supplies and food.
Phone: 573-874-2993
Address: 200 E. Broadway (map; 15 minute walk from campus)

Walmart Express | website
Basic groceries, including fresh produce, dairy and meat, consumables, toiletries, medicine, household items and office supplies.
Phone: 573-499-9005
Address: 308 S. Ninth St. #105 (map; 3 minute walk from campus)

On-campus stores

Mizzou Markets (map) sell a variety of snack foods and toiletry items.

Tiger Pantry is a student-run campus food pantry that provides packaged food and produce to clients and their families. It is available to MU students, faculty and staff — anyone with an MU ID number is eligible, and the process is completely confidential. For additional information, see the Tiger Pantry website.