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Course registration

You will register for your courses once you arrive at MU. You can research current course offerings ahead of time so you know which courses you want to take. Drop-in course registration assistance will be available during International Student Welcome. You must enroll in at least 12 undergraduate credit hours (or nine graduate credit hours). Enrolling in some courses may require meeting individually with someone in the academic department to obtain a permission number.

As an exchange student, you are not allowed to enroll in courses in some academic divisions or programs, including:

  • Masters in Business Administration program
  • Many health sciences courses
  • Courses through the School of Accountancy
  • Courses through the School of Journalism (unless you are participating on an exchange program facilitated by the School of Journalism)

You should be flexible and always have alternate selections for each course you wish to take. With more than 100 degree programs at MU, you can find courses to meet your needs and interests in many fields. More information about academics at MU is available in the Exchange Student Orientation Handbook.


When you have completed your exchange program and all bills to MU have been paid, an official transcript will be sent to your home university. If you want a copy for your personal records, you can request an official copy from the Office of the University Registrar, or obtain an unofficial copy in myZou.