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Curator's Grant-in-Aid scholarship

In the early 1950s the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri authorized the Curators Grant-In-Aid Scholarship specifically for international students. Since the inception of the award thousands of international students demonstrating good academic standing and financial need have been helped to successfully complete their programs of study.

The MU International Center administers the GIA Scholarship program and is responsible for the collection and review of applications and recommendation forms and for making the award decisions for the undergraduate and graduate international students. The International Center notifies the Financial Aid Office, the Graduate School, and Cashier's Office its recommendations for the student awards. The Financial Aid Office and Office of Cashiers post the recommended award to each undergraduate scholarship recipient's student account. The Office of Cashiers is responsible for posting the resident tuition waivers.  Graduate resident tuition waivers are limited to courses necessary for degree completion. In addition, the Graduate School is responsible for posting the non-resident tuition waivers of all credit hours for which the student is enrolled (must be required courses for degree/program completion). The GIA awards are generally limited to one semester and not automatically renewable.

The GIA program is designated exclusively for international students. GIAs are awarded on a semester-only basis to both graduate and undergraduate students based on an evaluation of academic merit, financial need, longevity at MU, and on-campus employment and student activities. Academic merit based on the student’s cumulative grade-point-average is a primary indicator for selection. Undergraduate GIA Scholarships provide $500 to $2,000 of tuition support for one semester, but often carry from year-to-year depending on funding availability and the number of qualified applicants. Graduate GIA Scholarships waive one credit hour of tuition up to nine credit hours of tuition toward required courses and all non-resident fees of all credit hours which student is enrolled for one semester. The awards are not automatically renewable, but must be applied for each semester. No GIA awards are available during the summer school sessions.