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Pre-arrival checklist

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Getting started

Visa tips


  • Check out our blog and Facebook page for tips related to housing.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, you can apply to live on campus.
  • Plan ahead and make housing arrangements if you are planning to live off campus.


Important Items to Remember

  • Obtain your immunization records and bring them with you to Mizzou. Look into information regarding insurance.
  • Anticipate funding needs for your first few weeks (minimum 1,500 for  housing, meals, and purchasing items to set up your home).
  • Use a bank card, traveler’s checks, or a credit card to avoid carrying large sums of cash with you.
  • Consider having important documents (school transcripts, marriage license, medication etc) translated into English before you leave your country.
  • Create copies of important documents such as passport, immigration documents, transcripts, financial statements, street address where you will be going when you arrive.

What to Pack

  • Bring medications you use, including extra prescription lenses or contacts.
  • Be sure to pack light because if you forget things you can purchase them when you arrive.  Refer to for packing advice.
  • Plan to bring clothes for at least the fall and you will want to have at least a coat or light jacket to start with. You can buy other clothing items after you arrive.
  • Be sure to include your name and new address on your bags.
  • You may want to consider bringing recipe of native foods, small souvenirs from your country, a camera, cultural clothing your favorite music, and photos from home.
  • It is recommended that you pack your valuable items and documents in a carry on flight and carry your immigration document on your person during your flight.
  • Remember not to pack: weapons, electrical appliances, important items that might be lost or stolen, candles or incense, animals, illegal drugs, fresh food.