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The International Student Experience at MU

The International Student Experience at MU is a project to promote a positive, productive experience for our international community by:

  • Informing the campus community about MU's international student population.
  • Facilitating dialogue between international students and the campus community.
  • Identifying strengths and limitations of MU’s service to international students.
  • Stimulating discussion of how MU can enhance international student recruitment and retention.

An advisory group of stakeholders from across campus will guide project activities and recommend action steps.


What's Your Story? | Oct. 29, 2015

Three international students will share their stories, highlighting the rich diversity of international students' backgrounds and experiences, as well as the common challenges and opportunities they encounter.

How Mizzou Measures Up | Nov. 19, 2015

Each year, the University of Missouri participates in the International Student Barometer, a comprehensive survey that explores the international student experience at MU as compared with peer and international institutions. A panel of faculty, staff, and international students will review and discuss the most recent survey results, including what factors influence international students' decision to attend MU and the social, academic and cultural experiences that shape their time here.

Learning English at MU | Feb. 18, 2016

The MU Center for English Language Learning oversees two programs for teaching English to non-native speakers: the pre-university Intensive English Program and the English Language Support Program for matriculated students. A panel of program staff and students will talk about the language learning experience, including what makes an English for academic purposes program different from other university language courses. CELL offers courses ranging in level from beginning to highly advanced that help students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Instructors help students build a strong foundation for university success by also developing university and U.S. cultural awareness.

Culture in the Classroom | March 24, 2016

What are the differences in cultural backgrounds and learning styles that may affect international students' academic experiences? How can students, both domestic and international, take full advantage of classroom diversity? How can faculty and students contribute to a respectful, welcoming classroom environment? A student and faculty panel will discuss these questions and explore what it's like to teach and learn in a diverse classroom setting.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging | April 21, 2016

International students who develop friendships with American students tend to adjust more easily and express greater satisfaction with their experience on an American campus. However, cultural differences and language barriers can inhibit students from connecting with their American peers and, instead, lead both groups to isolate. A panel of international and domestic students will discuss what it means to develop a sense of belonging at MU and what factors contribute to successful acculturation and friendship-building.

Advisory group

  • Jamil Al Wekhian, Peace Studies
  • Mark Algren, Center for English Language Learning
  • Yahya Alsulaim, Industrial Engineering student
  • Metin Bulus, Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology student
  • DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Undergraduate Studies
  • Carrie Collier, Career Center
  • David Currey, International Center
  • Jill Ford, College of Engineering
  • Ryan Griffin, International Admissions
  • Yue Hao, Informatics student and GPC representative
  • Putri (Anka) Idris, Journalism student & President of MISC
  • Tracy Kitchel, Graduate Studies
  • David Mandy, Economics
  • Frankie Minor, Residential Life
  • Jim Noble, Industrial Engineering
  • Robyn Ridgway, College of Business
  • Jim Scott, International Programs
  • Becky Showmaker, International Center
  • Daniela Sirtori, Journalism student
  • Kibby Smith, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mary Stegmaier, Public Affairs
  • David Wallace, Counseling Center