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Funding opportunities

Below are programs that routinely offer funding for international intiatives.

MU and UM System

  • The University of Missouri South Africa Exchange Program (UMSAEP) is open to faculty from all of the four University of Missouri System campuses. Funding from the UM president's office supports collaborative research and teaching with colleagues in South Africa, particularly at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. Opportunities also are avaible to host South African colleagues for a multi-campus study/collaboration.


  • The Fulbright Scholar Program offers lecturing/research awards in 140 countries. Awards are available in a variety of disciplines and fields for periods ranging from two weeks to a full academic year.
  • The American Council of Learned Societies offers several fellowships related to international scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.
  • The National Science Foundation's Office of International Science and Engineering promotes and coordinates a funding opportunities specifically for international research and education collaborations.
  • Several opportunities available through the Social Science Research Council have international focus (South Asia Regional Fellowship Program, Abe Fellowship Program, Eurasia Title VIII Fellowships, Summer Institute on International Migration).
  • The U.S. Department of Education's Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship Program provides grants to institutions of higher education to fund faculty to maintain and improve their area studies and language skills by conducting research abroad for periods of three to 12 months.
  • The U.S. Department of Education's Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program provides grants to support overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area studies by teachers, students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor.
  • The U.S. Department of Education's Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program provides short-term study/travel opportunities abroad for faculty members from postsecondary institutions who teach introductory humanities or social science courses. The topics of the seminars and the host countries vary each year. Seminars are designed to provide a broad and introductory cultural orientation to a particular country/region.
  • The U.S. Department of Education's Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program provides grants to plan, develop and carry out programs to strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction in international studies and foreign languages.
  • The Canadian Studies Grant aims to enhance and sustain the study of Canada and Canada-U.S. relations to encourage research, exchanges, teaching and dialogue; facilitate student mobility; and foster collaboration among researchers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • MU's membership in the Community of Science provides access to a searchable database of international funding opportunities. The database includes information on more than 400,000 awards worldwide.