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Faculty development

Ten ways to be an internationally-engaged faculty member

  1. Collaborate with international colleagues and institutions abroad. MU maintains about two hundred active agreements with institutions around the world, covering activities such as general collaboration, research, faculty exchange and study abroad. The International Center has primary responsibility for reviewing new agreements and can provide you with guidance and sample agreements to facilitate the approval process.
  2. Encourage your students to study abroad. MU offers students more than 200 study abroad programs in about 60 countries throughout the world. In 2012/13, 1,253 MU students took advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Students from all majors can find a program that enables them to fulfill degree requirements. International Center staff members are available to make classroom presentations about study abroad upon request.
  3. Develop and lead a study abroad program. The International Center provides assistance and offers workshops on developing and managing faculty-led study abroad programs.
  4. Welcome international students to our campus. With more than 2,000 international students at MU, the International Center ensures institutional compliance on U.S. immigration requirements, provides support services that orient students to the MU campus and American culture, and advises them on immigration, academic, financial and personal issues.
  5. Invite international scholars to your department. The International Center can provide you with guidance on hosting visiting international scholars and the hiring process for international faculty and staff. We also support international faculty and researchers in pursing their employment-based permanent residence applications.
  6. Attend international events and activities on campus (and encourage your students to as well!). The International Center website tracks international events across campus. Hosting an international event or guest lecture at MU? Let us  know—we would be happy to help get the word out.
  7. Pursue funding opportunities that support international initiatives. Many internal and external resources are available to support faculty members pursue projects abroad.
  8. Participate in the MU Global Scholars Program. These annual summer seminars provide MU faculty with the opportunity to develop international expertise and contacts. Talk to your Dean about participating in this award-winning faculty development program.
  9. Apply for a Fulbright. The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program sends 800 scholars and professionals each year to more than 140 countries, where they lecture or conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. In recent years, dozens of MU faculty have received this prestigious award.
  10. Internationalize your courses.  Challenge your students to see the bigger picture and apply what they learn to critical world issues.  If you are unable to find the resources you need to do so, don't hesitate to contact us.