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For faculty and staff

MU faculty and staff play an important role in helping students have meaningful experiences abroad. One of the most effective ways to get students interested in study abroad is through direct involvement of their advisers, professors and instructors. Your active support of study abroad contributes to MU’s mission to internationalize each student’s education. There are many ways to get involved:

Study abroad presentation request

An easy way to encourage MU students to go abroad is to schedule a study abroad presentation for your class, FIG or organization. Study abroad presentations are facilitated by International Center staff and last 20 to 30 minutes. Presentations can be customized for a particular academic discipline or interest area, and all presentations cover these basics about study abroad at MU:

  • General study abroad requirements
  • Choosing a program
  • Courses and credit
  • Finances
  • How to apply

We try to accommodate as many presentation requests as possible; however, availability may be limited. Please complete the online request form at least two weeks before the desired presentation date. We will contact you to confirm the date and details.

Request a study abroad presentation


The International Center offers health and safety workshops each semester for MU faculty and staff members who are leading study abroad and university-related international travel programs. Please see the calendar of events for upcoming workshop dates.

Curriculum integration

The International Center, in collaboration with academic departments across campus, assists students of all majors in finding relevant study abroad programs that will enhance their educational experiences at MU. There are many high-quality study abroad programs available to MU students, but picking just the right one to fit a student's academic, professional and personal goals can be challenging. The center's curriculum integration project will aid students in their decision-making processes by identifying programs that are especially well suited for their major.

If your department is interested in working with the International Center on curriculum integration resources for your students, please contact

Study abroad resources

Professional associations

Standards and best practices