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Integrating study abroad into the MU curriculum 

What is curriculum integration?

The International Center, in collaboration with academic departments across campus, assists students of all majors in finding relevant study abroad programs that will enhance their educational experiences at MU. There are many high-quality study abroad programs available to MU students, but picking just the right one to fit a student's academic, professional and personal goals can be challenging. The center's curriculum integration project will aid students in their decision making processes by identifying programs that are especially well-suited for students in particular majors. This project will result in a library of Study Abroad by Major resources for MU students.

What will Study Abroad by Major resources for students look like?

As host university courses are evaluated by MU academic departments, they will be entered by the International Center into a searchable database. In addition to major courses, students can also search for other courses to fulfill their degree requirements at MU. This database of pre-determined equivalencies of courses taken abroad will assist students in choosing programs that can keep them on track for graduation.

In addition, the International Center is working with academic departments to identify optimal semesters for students in their majors to study abroad and not fall behind academically. These sample plans will be available to students on the center website and through their academic departments. Students are also encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to map out a personalized academic plan that includes an international experience.

How can my department get involved?

If your academic department is interested in working with the International Center to create study abroad by major resources for your students, please contact Paulina Perkins (

Additional information and resources