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International travel registry

International Center and MU affiliated programs

  1. Use the program search to find the program to which you are applying.
  2. Click on the "Start an Application" button on the program page. Note that application requirements may differ slightly for each program. Students applying for MU affiliated programs generally must submit paperwork to MU as well as apply directly to the program sponsor.

Note:  Additional application requirements apply to non-MU (visiting) students.

MU divisional programs

The following divisions have their own application procedures and deadlines. Please contact the relevant office for more information.

Students applying to MU divisional programs can also apply for International Center scholarships.

Non-MU programs

If you plan to participate in a program not affiliated with MU, you still need to fill out paperwork in order to maintain your enrollment at MU. Please carefully read our information about non-MU programs for more information.