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Graduate students

The majority of MU study abroad programs are open to graduate students; however, most only offer undergraduate-level credit. There are programs that offer graduate-level credit to both MU and non-MU graduate students. Regardless of the level of credit offered, graduate students need approval from the Graduate School as well as their department and academic adviser(s) to to determine how and if the credit will apply to their degree program.

Academics and credit

Programs are available to degree-seeking MU students that offer graduate-level credit. Approval of credit and how it will apply to a graduate degree is determined by the Graduate School, academic department and academic adviser(s). Programs offering only undergraduate credit are open to graduate students, but it is the student’s responsibility to check with the Graduate School and their department to determine if and how the credit will apply to their program of study. Graduate students must work with the Graduate School to obtain approval to enroll in undergraduate courses.

Some programs offering graduate-level credit are also open to non-MU graduate students. Non-MU students should also refer to the information for non-MU and visiting students. Non-MU graduate students will have to apply as a visiting student through the Graduate School, along with completing program-specific requirements.


The process to apply to a study abroad program as a graduate student is the same as the process for undergraduate students. Please visit the specific program page through the links provided to learn more about the program and application process.


To enroll in an MU study abroad program for graduate credit, in addition to any program-specific requirements students must:

Graduate and teaching assistantships/waivers

Graduate students with graduate assistantships or teaching assistantships will need to contact their department and the Graduate School to determine if their credit abroad will meet residency and enrollment requirements, and to find out if and how any tuition waivers or reductions will apply toward study abroad program costs.

Financial aid and scholarships

For a detailed program budget for programs administered by the International Center, please see the "cost" section of a program's page. For programs administered by other MU divisions (e.g. College of Business), affiliates or non-MU programs, consult the program coordinator for more information.

MU students should also review the International Center's section on financing study abroad for information about scholarships and federal financial aid.


  • Study abroad program costs (paid to MU) will be billed to graduate students’ myZou accounts. Students are responsible for arranging payment of their myZou account at MU.
  • Graduate students enrolling in study abroad courses for undergraduate-level credit may be charged undergraduate or graduate tuition and fees on a case by case basis.
  • Graduate students enrolling in study abroad courses for graduate-level credit will be charged graduate-level tuition and fees.
  • Non-resident tuition charges apply to both MU and non-MU undergraduate and graduate students who do not have Missouri residency at MU.
  • Non-MU students should also refer to our billing information for non-MU and visiting students.

Contact information

MU graduate students can contact William Palmieri, for more information about the general study abroad process.

If you have questions or need more information from the Graduate School, please contact the MU Graduate School (phone: +1-573-882-6311 or toll-free: +1-800-877-6312).