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Program options

International travel registry


  • MU programs 
    • Administered by the International Center or another MU academic division.
    • May be faculty-led, exchange, direct-enroll or internship programs.
    • Generally the most cost-effective options.
    • In most cases, institutional, state and federal financial aid is applicable to program costs.
  • Non-MU programs
    • Administered by universities or organizations not affiliated with MU or by other universities within the UM System.
    • Students should review the guidelines for assessing a non-MU program and contact the sponsoring university or organization for additional information.
    • No guarantees on applying financial aid.


  • Affiliated
    • Administered by universities or organizations with which MU has a cooperative agreement.
    • Costs generally higher than for other MU programs.
    • Offer a high level of in-country support.
    • Many affiliated programs offer special scholarships for MU students.
  • Direct-enroll
    • Allow MU students to enroll for a semester or academic year at a foreign university with which MU has an agreement.
  • Exchange
    • Allow a limited number of MU students to study at a foreign university at a cost comparable to full tuition and fees at MU.
    • Often the most affordable options for study abroad.
    • Require a high level of student independence.
  • Faculty-led
    • Programs led or accompanied by MU faculty or staff.
    • Organized by the International Center or an academic division at MU.
  • Internship:
    • Programs that offer significant internship-for-credit opportunities.
    • Internships are generally not paid.
  • Service-learning
    • Programs that formally integrate community service into student instruction and learning.
  • Other program features identify programs that offer honors or graduate credit.

Duration and term

The International Center offers a variety of programs:

  • Short-term programs (summer, winter break, spring break)
  • Semester programs (fall and spring semesters)
  • Academic year programs

The ideal duration of study abroad usually depends on the student’s specific degree program. Academic advisers can help determine which term and program duration will work best for a particular student.

Language of instruction

On the program search page, the "language of instruction" parameter may designate programs where regular university coursework is taught primarily in a language other than English. These programs usually have specific language coursework prerequisites as an eiligibility requirement to ensure students will be successful.

Language of instruction may also simply indicate an opportunity to pursue language instruction at a variety of levels, without a specific prerequisite. Programs such as these may focus solely on langugage instruction, or offer language classes in addition to coursework in English.