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Non-MU programs

Non-MU programs are run by universities or organizations not affiliated with MU. Students applying to a non-MU program must select a study abroad option that is affiliated with a U.S. university or U.S.-based study abroad program provider. Students must apply directly to the sponsoring U.S. university or organization and must complete the MU requirements for non-MU programs. There are no guarantees that MU financial aid can be used, though students can apply for external funding.

Note: Be sure to complete all MU requirements in order to maintain enrollment at MU.

Please note: The MU student international travel policy requires students planning any university-related travel to countries or regions with a Department of State travel advisory level three or four or a Centers for Disease Control travel warning must request approval from the university's Student Travel Abroad Review Committee.

Assessing non-MU programs

  • Accreditation. Is the organization offering the program accredited? By whom? Does the organization appear to be a bona fide study abroad organization, or does its major interest seem to be elsewhere (e.g. travel sales)?
  • Staff-to-student ratio. How many students participate in this program each term? How many staff members are available to assist these students?
  • Former participants. Will the organization give you the names and addresses of former participants to contact?
  • Fees. How is the program fee calculated? Does the literature specify which services are covered and, more importantly, which are not? Under what circumstances will fees be refunded to students who withdraw from the program?
  • Courses: What courses are offered? Who teaches them?
  • Health insurance. All MU students who study abroad are required to enroll in MU study abroad insurance coverage. This requirement applies to MU students who are participating in non-MU study abroad-programs. Students must maintain coverage for the entire duration of the program.
  • Housing. What sort of overseas housing is arranged for program participants? If living with a host family, how was the family chosen? If living in a residence hall, how was the hall chosen? If housing will not be arranged, what is the plan for securing accommodations?
  • Orientation. Is a comprehensive on-site orientation program provided? What topics will be covered? In particular, will health and safety issues be addressed?
  • Important information. Has the program sponsor provided information regarding local safety, cross-cultural interactions and practical issues?
  • Excursions. Does the program include any site visits or excursions? Who will lead the trip(s)? Where will you go? For how long? What is the purpose of the excursion(s)?


All students studying abroad on an non-MU program must both apply directly to the program sponsor and complete all MU requirements for study abroad.

Step 1: Contact the program sponsor directly for more information about their application requirements.

Step 2: Complete the MU requirements through myStudyAbroad