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International travel registry


According to the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, MU students participating on university-related travel are REQUIRED to register with the International Center prior to departure.

This applies to university graduate and undergraduate students, or other participants in university-sponsored educational programs, traveling individually or in groups, with or without university funding for any university-organized, university-administered or university-related activity or program such as:

  • Conducting research abroad;
  • Attending conferences abroad;
  • Participating in practicums, clinicals abroad;
  • University-contracted international travel.

Recognized MU student organizations participating in international travel that is not university-related may be eligible to enroll in MU's international sickness and accident insurance at the university's contracted cost.

Students participating on a study abroad program do not register through the travel registry, but must report any travel away from their program location as a side-trip in their study abroad application. The Student International Travel Registry is designed for individual students traveling abroad. Groups of five or more students traveling abroad on university-sponsored international activities and students participating on credit-bearing study abroad programs do not register through the travel registry. Study abroad participants must report travel away from their program location as a side-trip in their myStudyAbroad applications.

Please note: In January of 2018, the U.S. Department of State implemented a new travel advisory system in which every country is issued an advisory of level one to level four. The MU Student International Travel Policy has been revised to reflect these changes, and individual students planning to participate in study abroad programs or university-related international activities as well as university divisions sponsoring educational activities in countries and/or regions with a Department of State travel advisory level three (reconsider travel) or level four (do not travel) or a Centers for Disease Control and Prevetion (CDC) warning must request approval from the university's Student Travel Abroad Review Committee.

Because travel registrations for travel to higher risk countries or regions require review in accordance with the Student International Travel Policy, travel registration should be completed at least one month prior to the proposed travel time to allow time for review by the Student Travel Abroad Review Committee.


Registered students receive access to university support and resources, including:

  • UM-negotiated international sickness and accident insurance;
  • Security intelligence;
  • Security, political, natural disaster and medical evacuation services;
  • In event of emergency, campus and university medical, legal and financial support services available to students on the MU campus.

Students who do not register may not have access to these benefits.


  • Log in to to the myStudyAbroad travel registry with your MU PawPrint.
  • Enter your complete itinerary, including all known cities to which you will be traveling (if your plans change, you can edit the locations and dates later).
  • Digitally sign all required documents, including the University of Missouri Assumption of Risk and Release form.
  • Obtain and submit the required proof of insurance.
  • Provide emergency contact information.
  • Read and acknowledge the provided learning content.