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Why study abroad?

Students choose to participate in study abroad for many reasons. Perhaps you want to be an adventurer — exploring foreign lands, meeting new people and traveling off the beaten path. Maybe you want to dig into history, art or culture and really live it, rather than reading about it. Perhaps you want to discover yourself, gaining the independence and confidence that comes from immersing yourself in another culture.

Believe it or not, all these experiences and the skills you develop abroad will help you mature personally and academically, as well as enhance your future career opportunities. In fact, many employers specifically look for students who have studied abroad because of the benefits students gain from the experience, such as foreign language skills, adaptability and cross-cultural competence. The International Center is dedicated to helping you put your study abroad experience to work after you return by providing resources and conference workshops aimed at helping you process your experience and identify the skills you gained overseas.

Study abroad programs are available for an intersession, summer, semester or academic year. You can earn credit toward your degree program and, with careful planning, should lose no time toward graduation. Study abroad is affordable because financial aid and scholarships are applicable to most programs, and other grants and scholarships are available specifically for study abroad.

For more information about programs offered through MU and other accredited schools, you should visit the International Center's resource room. Study abroad peer advisers are on hand to help with program selection and applications.