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Health and travel insurance

The University of Missouri requires each student participating on an MU study abroad program maintain comprehensive health and accident insurance, including emergency travel insurance, during the entire duration of their study abroad program. To comply with this requirement, the University of Missouri offers all participants the following insurance coverage:

Insurance enrollment

The International Center enrolls participants on center-administered programs in the GeoBlue and UnitedHealthcare Global insurance, and the cost of insurance coverage is billed directly to students' MU accounts.

MU faculty-led and divisional programs

Students participating in faculty-led programs administered by the International Center and participants in study abroad programs administered by other divisions will be enrolled in GeoBlue and UnitedHealthcare Global insurance by their program coordinators. The cost of insurance coverage is included in the program fee for faculty-led and divisional programs.

MU affiliated programs

Only some affiliated program providers have comprehensive health insurance coverage that fulfills the MU insurance requirements, as evaluated by the UM System Office of Risk Management. All insurance charges are billed directly to students' MU accounts.

  • Students participating on programs that do meet the MU requirements are not required to enroll in GeoBlue insurance, but will be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Global insurance.
  • Students participating on programs that do not meet the MU requirements will be enrolled by the International Center in both GeoBlue and UnitedHealthcare Global insurance policies.
Providers that offer sufficient insurance Providers that do not offer sufficient insurance
Alliance for Global Education American Councils
Arcadia University CEA
IES Abroad DIS
IFSA-Butler Education Abroad Network
SAI Programs University of Kansas
Semester at Sea University of Tennessee

Non-MU programs and university-related international travel

The International Center cannot independently verify sickness and accident insurance coverage provided by non-MU programs. To ensure that students are adequately covered while abroad and to facilitate the university's ability to provide assistance in cases of emergency, students participating in either non-MU study abroad or any university-related international travel — whether independent or with a group — are required to self-enroll in GeoBlue insurance. Students must provide proof of GeoBlue enrollment by uploading their insurance card in myStudyAbroad.

The fee for GeoBlue and UnitedHealthcare Global is currently $35.90 for 30 days. MU participants in non-MU programs and university-related international travel can enroll online for both policies at GeoBlue (credit card only).

How to enroll in GeoBlue insurance:
  1. Go to the GeoBlue website.
  2. Select "Plan Options" from the main menu.
  3. Select "enter your group access code here" under the heading "Self-Enroll in your Your Institution's Group Plan."
  4. Enter the access code CBK-2348.
  5. Complete the enrollment information.

You must enter the start and end dates for your study abroad or university-related international travel program, and are required to maintain enrollment throughout the entire duration of your program. Note: If you do not have a credit card, come to the International Center (N52 Memorial Union) to obtain a hard copy of the enrollment form.

Comprehensive health insurance

In addition to providing comprehensive sickness and accident insurance, the GeoBlue policy provides emergency travel medical insurance, including coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, which generally is not provided by domestic insurance policies. GeoBlue also has identified a network of doctors worldwide who will provide treatment and file claims on your behalf without requiring payment at the time of treatment. Prior to departure for study abroad, GeoBlue assists students in establishing treatment for ongoing medical conditions while abroad (including doctor visits and continuing medications). For a brief summary of the features and benefits of this plan, please see the policy brochure.

After enrollment

After you have been enrolled in GeoBlue insurance and have received your medical insurance ID card from GeoBlue, you should go to the GeoBlue student website. Using the certificate number of the front of the card, sign in to the site to obtain comprehensive information relating to this plan, including a doctor locator, city health profiles and translations of medical terms and phrases. Your family can access this same information by logging in to the GeoBlue parent website. Your family will need your insurance ID card number or your email address to sign in.

Emergency evacuation insurance

The study abroad offices on all four University of Missouri campuses and the UM System Office of Risk and Insurance Management have identified and partnered with UnitedHealthcare Global to enhance the insurance provided to study abroad participants. UnitedHealthcare Global is a leading provider of international travel assistance services, including 24-hour security-related assistance services for MU students traveling 100 miles or more away from home or outside their home country. The UnitedHealthcare Global coverage for MU students participating in study abroad or university-related international travel programs includes political evacuation services, security evacuation services, transportation after security or political evacuation, and real-time security intelligence. Students will be able to print their UnitedHealthcare Global ID card from their myStudyAbroad account.