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Pre-departure/while abroad

The MU International Center strives to ensure that MU study abroad programs are administered in accordance with university policy and industry standards.

The center helps ensure the health, safety and security of study abroad participants by:

  • Working with campus experts to develop and maintain the MU study abroad emergency preparedness and crisis response plans.
  • Providing a comprehensive pre-departure orientation for all MU students.
  • Monitoring world events and informing study abroad program participants and faculty/staff program leaders of known potential risks.
  • Providing health and safety workshops for faculty/staff members planning to lead MU study abroad program.

Student, family, faculty and staff responsibilities

In addition to the steps taken by the International Center, students, their families and faculty/staff members have important roles to play in helping to ensure the health, safety an security of students abroad. Each participant in an MU study abroad program is expected to take an active role by exercising good judgement, remaining aware of their surroundings at all times and monitoring current conditions.