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*Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Oviedo, Spain

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The MU International Center sponsors this summer, faculty-led study abroad program in collaboration with the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. MU professor Mamadou Badiane will lead this six-credit program in Oviedo, Spain.

The University of Oviedo, where you will take courses at La Casa de las Lenguas, is located on the north coast of Spain. In Oviedo, you will take courses with students from a wide variety of countries while learning about Spanish and European cultures. You will also be immersed in the Spanish language and culture outside the classroom, as homestays are provided with Spanish families. This program is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language, history and literature by experiencing the culture firsthand.



You will choose two of the following courses for a total of six credits. The language and culture courses will be taught by University of Oviedo faculty members. The Spanish literature course will be taught by Professor Badiane.

SPAN 3150: Advanced Spanish Conversation (3) puts into practice the linguistic skills learned at intermediate levels. It develops and increases the capacity for comprehension and oral expression in the language. Focus is on practice of certain syntactic structures and idiomatic expressions, and on acquisition of new vocabulary. Prerequisite: SPAN 2160 or equivalent.

SPAN 3160: Advanced Spanish Composition (3) emphasizes writing at an advanced level, with a certain degree of sophistication about varied subjects and using different techniques of composition. Coursework consists mainly of the discussion of both the ideas and techniques used in different textual forms. Prerequisite: SPAN 2160 or equivalent.

SPAN 3430: Introduction to Hispanic Literature II (3) will introduce students to selected plays and poetry of Spain and Spanish America. Prerequisite: SPAN 3160 or equivalent.

SPAN 4461: Advanced Spanish Civilization (3) is a survey of Spanish culture and Spanish history from the Middle Ages to the present with special emphasis on contemporary culture. You will be provided with knowledge of chronology, geography and contemporary issues from readings of journals, novels and Internet news. Prerequisites: SPAN 3150 and 3160.

SPAN 4960: Advanced Spanish Literature and Culture (3) teaches advanced skills of literary analysis through close readings of representative Hispanic authors. It also assists in the acquisition of the critical vocabulary requisite for textual analysis in Spanish. Prerequisites: SPAN 3420 and 3430.

Academic credit

You will be enrolled in actual MU courses. You are guaranteed to receive MU credit for successfully completed courses; however, you must work with your academic adviser(s) to obtain pre-approval as to how courses might fulfill degree requirements.

MU students: Grades will calculate into your MU GPA and appear on your MU transcript when grades are recorded by the faculty program director. You must work with your academic adviser(s) to obtain pre-approval as to how the courses might fulfill degree requirements.

Non-MU/visiting students: Transcripts will be issued from MU and can be mailed to your home university. You must work with your home university to determine how credit from the program will transfer. The MU International Center will issue one transcript per student to one domestic address, as indicated on your Non-MU Student Application for Study Abroad. Additional MU transcripts for study abroad must be requested and purchased from the MU Registrar.


Host program

The University of Oviedo, one of the oldest universities in Spain, was founded in 1574 and began teaching classes in 1608. The university has been offering language and culture classes for international students since 1978. University of Oviedo staff from the Las Casa de las Lenguas will arrange all accommodations and land travel for the duration of the program.

Accommodations and meals

You will live with a Spanish host family, which will offer the unique opportunity to strengthen your language skills and learn about Spanish life. Host families will provide you with room and full board for the duration of the program. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided by host families and during excursions.

Host city and surrounding areas

Oviedo is an ideal place to be immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Oviedo is a town of medieval origin, located in Northern Spain, the region of Asturias. Oviedo offers visitors a breathtaking landscape of valleys and mountains, close proximity to Asturian beaches, and the tranquility characteristic of a small city in Spain. Asturias is one of the most distinctive regions in all of Spain; it is rich with pre-Romanesque art and architecture, gastronomical delights, and hospitable people.

See a past participant's perspective on life in Ovideo.


You will travel with the group, but will have opportunities to explore some sites independently during your time abroad. Travel might include visits to:

  • Covadonga
  • Picos de Europa mountains
  • Santillana del Mar
  • Llanes

Tentative itinerary

  • July 5: Arrive in Oviedo
  • August 1: End of program

Faculty program director

University of Missouri faculty member Mamadou Badiane, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, will accompany the students to Oviedo as the faculty program director.

Faculty-led programs enrich the study abroad experience as well as the MU campus by providing students opportunities to study other cultures and disciplines in depth while gaining new perspectives on our own society. Faculty leaders serve as mentors, role-models and resources as students explore their host institution and country.

Mamadou Badiane

Mamadou Badiane

I was born in Senegal where I attended high school. I then spent three years at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, where I was granted a scholarship to further my studies in Spain. From Spain, I moved to New York City, where I received my bachelor's of arts in Spanish and French at Hunter College (CUNY). After that, I moved to Iowa City, Iowa, to pursue a master's of arts and Ph.D. in Spanish. I have been teaching at MU since 2006. I have traveled to Spain, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Gambia and France.


Program budget

Additional expenses

In addition to the program costs paid to MU, you will have expenses associated with international travel and living abroad. The amounts listed are estimated costs based on current exchange rates and on the information provided to us by your host institution and past participants. Depending on your personal spending habits, you may spend more or less than the figures provided.

Please note that these expenses do not include vacation travel or sightseeing.

Financial aid information

If you are awarded financial aid for study abroad, it will be applied to your MU account according to the regular financial aid disbursement schedule. Reminder: You must be enrolled in study abroad and have completed the required financial aid forms for study abroad in order to be considered for aid.

Because non-resident tuition charges apply, MU students should be eligible to use non-resident scholarships toward program costs.

Dates and deadlines

Term Application deadline Program start Program end
Summer 2019 02/15/2019 05/26/2019 06/29/2019
Summer 2020 02/15/2020 07/05/2020 08/01/2020


We are delighted that you are applying to study abroad. This is the first step of your journey, and while there is a lot to do, it should not be overwhelming. Once you start an application for the program, you will have an electronic checklist to help you through the process. In addition, our study abroad staff are available to answer your questions.

  1. Meet with the International Center study abroad adviser listed in the program snapshot if you have any questions.
  2. Start an application using the button below if you are an MU student.
    • Non-MU students should visit our page for non-MU participants for more information about the application process.
    • Once you have started an application, you can return to it later by logging in to myStudyAbroad (see the button at the top of the page).
  3. Complete and submit your application.
  4. Receive your admissions decision within 7–10 business days.

Note: If you do not have an MU PawPrint, please review our instructions for Non-MU (visiting) students.

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