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Entry guidelines

The 2019 contest will open in August.


  1. You must have participated in a study abroad program during the previous academic year (calendar year 2018, fall 2018, academic year 2018/19, winter break 2018/19, spring 2019, spring break 2019, summer 2019).
  2. Photos must be original work and must have been taken by you during your study abroad program. If you have a photo with you in the picture, it can only be submitted under the "Tigers Abroad" category. If you are in a photo that you submit to any other category, it will be disqualified.
  3. Photos may be color, black and white or sepia.
  4. You may submit a maximum of one photo per category. Students who submit more than one photo per category may have all entries disqualified.

Photo ethics

The photos submitted to this contest will be made available to the public and are not limited to just the MU campus, but could be shared with the host institution and local community where a photo was taken. It is important to ask yourself the following questions when selecting the photos you will submit for this contest.

  • Are your photos respectful of the host country?
  • If your photo has people in it, did they consent to the photo and do they approve its submission into the Study Abroad Photo Contest? Submission of any photos that include children/minors must include written consent from a parent/guardian. 
  • Have you thought about the ways in which others who see your photo will interpret it and is there any reason someone might be offended by it?


  • Portraits: people, animals
  • Landscapes: architecture, natural beauty
  • Cross-Cultural Moments: cultural events, interaction with host culture, defining moments (for this category,be sure your description provides a brief explanation of context to help the viewer understand what makes it a cross-cultural moment)
  • Educational Moments: educational settings both inside and outside the classroom
  • Tigers Abroad: MU student(s) showing Mizzou pride abroad


Judging: Photos will be reviewed by a panel consisting of MU faculty and staff. Selection criteria include:

  • Technical merit (clarity, focus, lighting, etc.)
  • Representation of the study abroad experience
  • Sensitivity toward the host culture
  • Accurate representation of category


  • The top photos will be displayed in Ellis Library and be part of the photo traveling show that will be displayed throughout campus during the upcoming academic year. Prize winners will be announced in conjunction with International Education Week in November.
  • One best of show prize will be awarded. This winner receives $200 and a framed copy of the winning photo.
  • One first place photo will be awarded in each category. Each of these winners (except in the Tigers Abroad category) receives $100 and a framed copy of their winning photo. The first place winner of the Tigers Abroad category will receive a $50 gift card.
  • Only one prize per entrant will be awarded. Honorable mention awards may be given.
  • Cash awards will be automatically credited to the student's MU student account.


  • Originality counts! Try not to duplicate photos. Take a look at previous submissions and winners online to learn which photo styles are common and which stand out.
  • A creative title may help an entry stand out, but be sure to keep it short.
  • Please make sure that your photo fits the selected category and follows all rules listed above.


Please contact us at 573-882-6007 or