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You are responsible for pre-registering yourself for the semester that you will return to MU. Either designate someone you trust to register you or register yourself through myZou. You will receive your registration start time, via email, prior to the registration period. The schedule of courses also is available on myZou.

If you are studying abroad for a full academic year, the International Center will register you for the appropriate course for the second semester of your studies. You may be charged tuition for the second semester after registration. Be sure that myZou has an up-to-date billing address to ensure that the statement will be sent to the correct address. Also, alert the family member or other parties receiving the bill that it will be coming.

Graduation sashes

Study abroad is an academic achievement worth celebrating! As a study abroad participant, you have the option to order a sash that represents your host country(s) to be worn with your graduation regalia at your commencement ceremony. You can purchase your sash online from Vision Wear International.