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Returnee workshops

Keep your study abroad experience alive by attending a returnee workshop. Learn how your study abroad experience can inform your future career, how to market your newly-acquired global skills and how to tell your study abroad story in a meaningful way. Check the calendar for upcoming workshop dates.

Showcasing your international experience: Résumés, cover letters, interviews

Learn how to convey your valuable international experience to potential employers. This workshop will include tips for how to incorporate your study abroad experience into a job search, résumé, cover letter and job interview.

Digital storytelling: Bringing your study abroad experience home

While abroad, you were bombarded with millions of non-digestible and non-memorable story fragements across an unmeasurable amount of momemts, like making new friends, meeting a stranger, watching TV, listening to the news and studying on a foreign campus. The truth is that we simply cannot process every one of these encounters and turn them into comprehensible knowledge, let alone retain them. This workshops offers an opportunity to turn your jumbled fragments into articulated meaning through a constructed, coherent story and prepare it for a digital format — a skill that is extremely effective in any professional field.