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Share experiences; get published

Study abroad returnees can help prospective students prepare for their own journeys by publishing stories about overseas adventures.

Internationally focused magazines and online publications


“I Will Not Tell a Lie (Florence, Italy).” Photograph by Alanna Smith. Famous Italian Pinocchio dolls in one of the many Florentine markets.

  • Transitions Abroad — a magazine for people working, studying, traveling and living abroad — offers practical information about host cultures and travel bargains. Contributors write from personal knowledge and emphasize ways to avoid touristy cultural isolation. Transitions Abroad also holds writing contests. 
  • Journeywoman publishes female-centered travel-experience articles, seeking to inspire women to travel safely and to connect women travelers worldwide. Each published article becomes eligible for the Annual Journeywoman Travel Writing Competition. 
  • Travelmag, an online travel publication based in the UK, seeks tales of travel well beyond the guidebook routes, illuminating little-known corners of the globe and, occasionally, revealing a bit about the writers as well.
  • National Geographic's travel publication, National Geographic Traveler, holds photo contests and accepts submissions of professional-quality articles and photos.

Local publications and contests