Executive Certificate in Global Leadership

The Executive Certificate in Global Leadership can help you achieve your professional goals through a unique, online program designed to build your leadership skills, enhance your global communication methods, better understand cultures outside of your own, and give your presentation and facilitation skills a boost. You will be able to work at your own pace and then join other scholars and professionals from around the globe each week in live Zoom rooms, where our expert instructors will provide you with opportunities to learn, debate, present and share.

Program features

  • Flexible schedule: Enjoy the convenience of accessing your learning materials anytime, anywhere with an internet connection from your computer or mobile device. Each week’s assignments and discussions are presented in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Interactive learning: In addition to live lectures, courses may feature interactive content such as engaging presentations, quizzes, podcasts and more that immerse you in a multimedia learning environment. Content is designed to engage different learning styles.
  • Connected classroom: Discussion boards, peer work and chat rooms provide many ways to connect with your classmates and instructors outside of live class time. Build connections through group projects and learn from the different perspectives of professionals from around the globe. Each course will have 90 minutes of live/synchronous instruction each week. Outside of those class times, you will be expected to participate in online discussion boards and complete readings or other tasks as assigned by the instructor.


  • Session I: Week of Feb. 1 through week of March 25 (exact class day to be determined)
  • Session II: Week of April 5 through week of May 20 (exact class day to be determined

Live instruction one day per week between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Central Time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Time zone conversions
Location Local time
Columbia, MO (USA) 6–8 a.m.CST/7–9 a.m. CDT*
Thailand 7–9 p.m. ICT
Vietnam 7–9 p.m. ICT
China 8–10 p.m. CST
Mongolia 8–10 p.m. ULAT
Japan 9–11 p.m. JST
South Korea 9–11 p.m. KST

*Class times in Asia will remain the same, even after U.S. daylight savings time begins.


Session I: Two courses
  • Navigating Cross-Cultural Connections through Diplomacy: Cross-cultural connections require an on-going need to develop diplomacy as an important cross-cultural competency for successfully navigating international relationships, whether personal or professional, private or public. This course will explore principles and practices of diplomacy by understanding the role of culture and recognizing the worth of each individual in tactful negotiation.
  • Leadership Essentials in a Changing World: This course will explore leadership styles, examine ethical behaviors and provide you with tools and strategies that can be implemented in any context to inspire success in yourself and others.
Session II: Two courses + capstone project and presentation
  • Promoting a Culture of Inclusion: Better understanding the cultural lends that others see through, as well as understanding your own biases, can help you to more successfully navigate professional and personal relationships. The courses will provide ways to effectively work with people who have a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Public Speaking Essentials: This course explores the principles of public speaking and how to prepare and present a public address. You will review various types of public address, come to an understanding of how to compose a speech and make a professional presentation to the class for reflection and review. This course will also help you improve your pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.
  • Capstone Project and Presentation: Due at the end of the second session, you will be asked to prepare a leadership platform paper and do an online presentation on a topic of your choosing.
Conversation Partners (optional)
If you are interested, we will match you with an American conversation partner who you can meet with outside of class times to enhance your understanding of American culture and practice your English with a native speaker.
Fireside Chat Series on Global Issues (optional)
Each week, we will meet virtually for a lively discussion on a current global issue. A different speaker will facilitate each discussion, providing background information and a recent news article on the topic. Topics may include politics, public policy, economy, education, culture, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to engage in open conversation about important global issues while improving English fluency with other scholars and professionals from around the world.
American Immersion Experience (optional)
Two-week study abroad experience in summer 2021. Additional fees apply; more details provided in late fall 2020.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • At least two years of professional experience
  • Comfortable using English to communicate with others
    • Suggested score range around TOEFL 500/TOEFL IBT 61/TOEIC 800 (official test scores not required).
    • All applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance.

Application deadline

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020

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