Global Leadership Program for Emerging Professionals

The Global Leadership Program for Emerging Professionals program provides participants with the opportunity to experience American life and culture through the practical application of English communication skills, aiming to enhance global competency. The program is structured to increase U.S. cultural knowledge, develop practical English skills and enhance cross-cultural communication ability. Program participants will experience real life communication situations in an environment where they build good rapport and relationships with instructors, peers and mentors. All MITI programs integrate the philosophy of living English to enhance cultural and language skills in a unique way.


  • Professional development courses: Students will take a series of four courses across two seven-week sessions. These courses will provide participants with the tools necessary to communicate with Americans in a natural setting.
    • Session I courses
      • Essential English Communication aims to help students develop a better command of situational English and the oral communication skills essential for daily life interaction with Americans.
      • Topics course — Students may choose one elective course in a topic that interests them. Options vary by semester, but include a wide range of topics such as global issues, politics, business and leadership.
    • Session II courses
      • Professional Communication builds on Essential English Communication and aims to introduce students to a more nuanced understanding of the English language. Topics include debate, persuasion and negotiation, and professional correspondence.
      • Professional Writing and Presentation Skills assists students in developing professional writing capability and presentation skills. During this course, students will have the opportunity to develop a formal presentation on a topic of their choice.
  • Practical Skills and Cultural Competency: This course provided students with practical learning and hands-on experience that prepares them to navigate life as a student or young professional in a foreign setting. Site visits provide participants with a real world understanding of course concepts. Course topics include:
    • Western etiquette — mealtime, tipping culture, manners and personal space
    • American education system — grade school, college search process, university admissions, ethics, course enrollment
    • Classroom etiquette — student-professor interaction, note taking, attendance, teamwork, plagiarism
    • Classroom experience — observe live classes on campus
    • American college life — residence halls, roommates, extracurricular activities, volunteerism, campus resources, activities and events
    • American life — hosing, do’s and don’ts of contract negotiation, job hunting
    • American government and politics — federal, state and local governments, voting
    • Travel — making travel plans, safety, U.S. geography and points of interest
  • Bi-weekly seminar series: Interested students may take part in bi-weekly seminars given by guest speakers on current issues and topics related to global leadership. These seminars are an excellent way for students to develop global competency and learn about current issues from experts in their fields.
  • American ambassadors: Ambassadors are what bring this program together, making it an authentic and valuable experience. These American college students come from a variety of backgrounds and are integrate into the program in many ways. They not only participate in occasional classes to interact with students, but also facilitate and coordinate planned activities and field trips. Ambassadors will be the students’ go-to people when they have questions about American daily life and culture and everyday spoken English.
  • Professional site visits: There will be monthly field trips to major sites in and around Missouri. These are designed to immerse participants in American culture and provide them with a natural environment to interact with native English speakers. American ambassadors often participate on these trips, and sites may include:
    • St. Louis — Gateway Arch, Westward Expansion Museum, Budweiser Brewery, multinational corporations, City Museum
    • Kansas City — Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Major League Baseball game, ice skating
    • Jefferson City — State Capitol and Supreme Court
    • Clark (Audrain County) — Amish village
    • University of Missouri sporting events — basketball, American football
  • Multicultural Hour: This is a weekly, informal round-table discussion where all international students and visiting scholars are welcome to interact with Americans and other internationals.