Volunteer with the Asian Affairs Center

Conversation Partner Program

Want to meet some interesting people, learn about other countries and share your own culture? The Conversation Partner Program pairs Americans with visiting government officials, scholars and undergraduate students from Asia. Partners usually meet once a week. Through one-on-one discussions, the partners learn about each other’s cultures while providing an opportunity for the international partner to practice speaking in English. Many times, these meeting evolve into grabbing coffee, going for a walk or hike, watching a movie, eating a meal together or many other types of activities.

American students and community members can apply online for the Conversation Partners Program.


Collegiate Ambassador Program

The Collegiate Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for MU students act as mentors, tour guides and friends for visiting students participating in Asian Affairs Center programs. It is an integral and highly valued component of the center’s programs. Ambassador positions are available for semester-long and shorter term programs throughout the year.

What do ambassadors do?

Ambassadors facilitate and coordinate planned activities and field trips (both local and out of town) arranged by the Asian Affairs Center. In addition to planned group activities, ambassadors are encouraged to organize informal gatherings that will allow visiting students to experience American college life (examples: go to a performance at the Blue Note, spend an evening at Ragtag Cinema, drink milk tea at Bubblecup). Ambassadors are whom the visiting students go to when they have questions about American life and culture and everyday spoken English.

Who can be an ambassador?

Ambassadors must be open-minded, energetic, helpful, patient and good-humored. Ambassadors are expected to help lead some activities, and should be mature, responsible and resourceful, as well as show initiative and take their tasks seriously. Visiting students are engaged in intensive English study and will have many questions about everyday spoken English. Although ambassadors are not involved in English language instruction, fluency in English and exceptional communication skills are essential.

Why be an ambassador?

The Collegiate Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to gain experience in cross-cultural communication, learn about Asian culture and build international connections. It’s a wonderful résumé builder, and you are performing a service for the MU community.

How do I apply?

Submit an online application. After you submit your application, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with a program coordinator.