GLP | Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program is a professional training program at the University of Missouri aimed at enhancing global competency and cross-cultural communication skills for government officials, professionals, higher education faculty and research scholars. Through diverse programming, participants will achieve a higher level of international proficiency, thus making them more valuable assets in their professional organizations and home countries. They will join our strong alumni network of more than 1,000 MU Tigers throughout Asia.

Our quality curriculum, experienced faculty and extensive knowledge of global perspectives make this a unique professional development program, allowing scholars to experience life in the U.S. while gaining the tools and knowledge to propel their careers forward.

Scholars will:

  • Increase English competency, specifically as it relates to international business, academia and government affairs.
  • Enhance global perspectives and understanding of American culture both professionally and personally.
  • Improve global leadership and administration skills for a variety of professional settings.
  • Expand knowledge in specialty focus areas.

The Asian Affairs Center will:

  • Provide relevant courses taught by a diverse group of instructors with experience in English education and global perspectives.
  • Coordinate site visits to major corporations, government offices, nongovernmental organizations and cultural sites.
  • Arrange business and government seminars on topics of U.S. economic, political, social and educational systems.
  • Connect participants with experienced professionals, either through a formal internship (professional/government track) or through introductions with specialists and researchers in your field (academic/research track).
Download the GLP brochure (PDF):


Choose from a six-, 12-, 18- or 24-month program starting in January or August. Classes typically begin in mid-January and mid-August, with a six-week winter break and an eight-week summer break.


All tracks

  • GLP courses (four days per week): Each participant will take topics courses of their choosing every seven weeks. These courses will improve global competency and English proficiency through informative seminars and lively discussions with other scholars. For each session, scholars will choose four classes, each of which meet twice a week. Informative and interactive courses on a variety of topics are designated as beginning, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and advanced. Prior to admission, scholars will be evaluated to determine the level that most closely corresponds to their current level of English. Class offerings vary each session. Topics may include public policy, the economy, leadership, education, culture and presentation skills. Review the current course list.
  • Global leadership seminars (bi-weekly): Dynamic guest speakers will present on current issues and topics of interest. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of worldwide topics and sharpen their global leadership competencies.
  • Professional site visits (bi-weekly): To learn more about best practices and how a variety of sectors have an impact on the quality of life of Missouri citizens, scholars will have the unique opportunity to visit agencies, corporations and cultural sites to gain a better understanding of American business and government practices.
  • Conversation Partners Program (optional): Interested scholars can be matched with an American conversation partner to meet with outside of class times to enhance their understanding of American culture and practice English with a native speaker.
  • Accent Modification and Pronunciation Program (optional): Participants may choose to attend two-on-one sessions with an MU graduate specialist in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. This high-quality program is designed to improve pronunciation of spoken English.
  • Spouses Program (optional): Spouses of participants have access to specialized group classes to help them integrate into the community and learn American culture.

Professional/government track

  • Professional practicum (optional): Participants may sign up for a professional practicum/internship as a Missouri state agency or nonprofit that suits their professional interests.

Academic/research track

  • Research project (optional): Scholars will receive guidance for their research, including connections with specialists in their field, information on conferences and journal publication resources.

Program benefits

  • Network and engage with professionals from other countries in various sectors.
  • Develop tools and strategies for any profession, position and situation.
  • Receive instruction from experienced faculty with years of career experience and education.
  • Connect with an academic adviser to provide guidance at any point along the way.
  • Class schedule provides time to experience life in the United States.
  • School-aged children (as J-2 dependents) will have access to Columbia Public Schools, one of the best public school systems in the state.
  • Experience all that Columbia’s vibrant community has to offer: cultural events, nature trails and authentic Midwest hospitality.
  • Become part of our extensive network of impressive alumni in Asia — once a Tiger, always a Tiger!


  • Be a current professional from an Asian country.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Have an intermediate level of English.


Seungkwon You

Application deadline

  • For spring programs:
    • First application deadline: Sept. 1 (decision by Sept. 15)
    • Second application deadline: Nov. 1 (decision by Nov. 15)
  • For fall programs:
    • First application deadline: Feb. 1 (decision by Feb. 15)
    • Second application deadline: April 1 (decision by April 15)

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