GBP | Global Business Program

The aim of the Global Business Program is to provide undergraduate business students with professional language skills and leadership training to increase their global marketability. The students will visit a variety of professional settings to deepen their understanding of American workplace culture and its diverse offerings. All MITI programs integrate the philosophy of living English to enhance cultural and language skills in a unique way.



Winter (four weeks, from mid-January to mid-February)


  • English for Global and Professional Communication (40 instruction hours): These classes provide students with a variety of real-life speaking situations and utilize speech and drama techniques to improve the overall confidence of the students. Coursework is interactive, challenging and fun. The activities are focused on professional communication skills through presentations, group discussions, meeting facilitation, interview projects and written assignments.
  • Leadership Skills for the Business World (24 instruction hours): This course is designed to help students navigate life in an American professional environment. By the end of the course, students should have a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses in team and business settings. The course also aims to increase students’ business knowledge, as well as how to apply their skills to their lives back in their home countries.
  • Professional site visits: Students will visit professional locations in both urban and more rural settings to see a variety of workplace environments and styles. Students will be expected to engage in the visit and actively seek answers to questions they have about hiring practices, job satisfaction and regulations.
  • Cultural field trips: During the program, students will go on local cultural excursions and to other cities near Columbia, possibly including St. Louis, Kansas City, Hermann, Hannibal and Jefferson City.
  • American Ambassadors: The program also opens doors for students to make meaningful relationships with American college students during their time here, with the intent that they will see many perspectives of American culture and return home with a more significant global view.


  • Must be a current university undergraduate student studying in an approved partner institution.
  • Although there are no test requirements, English should be strong enough to communicate in English in professional and conversational settings. Video interviews may be conducted.
  • Should have a desire to improve English and develop better professional skills.


Sang Kim