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COVID-19: Guidance for students planning future university-related international travel

All MU students planning university-related international travel are required to register in the International Travel Registry. We also encourage you to consider the following if you are planning to travel during academic year 2020/21, knowing that travel restrictions and other guidance we receive at a later date could alter plans.

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Speaking Spanish with Spaniards

Unexpected truth about Spain: Sometimes, when you speak Spanish to a Spaniard, they speak English back to you. For them, it's "easier" because we're heavily accented and stumble at times. Of course, they do the same things in English, but that's irrelevant to them. Sometimes, the English they speak back to you is an exclamation…

¿Pedestrian zones?

I once thought it was strange to walk out of an MU building and nearly collide with a truck on a sidewalk. Like, what are you doing here MU Maintenance? How did you even get here? This is a sidewalk! Cars do not belong here! Now that I’m in Spain, though, I wouldn’t think twice…

Etter viruset

It was Friday, March 20, around 1:30 a.m. and I was still awake working on my homework for my Norwegian class. That evening had been the first real chance that I had been able to sit down and finally direct my focus on my studies again. A week before, all students studying on international exchange…

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