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COVID-19: Guidance for students planning study abroad and university-related international travel

The health, safety and security of MU students is our top priority. All decisions regarding study abroad and university-related international travel are made with that at the forefront. We remain optimistic, but realistic, about what needs to happen for international travel to resume.

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Unexpected oddities

There's a lot that I expected to be different about Spain. I expected more fish and olives from a Mediterranean diet, walking culture, a conservative/Catholic atmosphere, cheek kisses as greetings and smaller portions and smaller homes. But there were some things I did not expect, things that were really small parts of life, barely noticeable…

A typical day at my internship

I have been in Greece for a little over a month now, and much of my time is spent at my internship. I am currently interning at a non-profit organization for refugee women and children called AMURTEL. This is an organization run by women for women. In this post, I wanted to discuss my typical…

Speaking Spanish with Spaniards

Unexpected truth about Spain: Sometimes, when you speak Spanish to a Spaniard, they speak English back to you. For them, it's "easier" because we're heavily accented and stumble at times. Of course, they do the same things in English, but that's irrelevant to them. Sometimes, the English they speak back to you is an exclamation…

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