Visiting students

Many of our programs are open to visiting students. Whether a program is open to non-MU students is listed under “Program features” in the snapshot section of each program page. See a list of current programs open to non-MU students.

Academics and credit

Unless otherwise indicated, you will be enrolled in actual MU courses. You are guaranteed to receive MU credit for successfully completed coursework, but must work with your home university to determine how credit will transfer and may fulfill degree requirements.

Once grades are finalized and entered in the university’s online registration system (myZou), you will be able to request and purchase a copy of your official transcript from the MU Office of the University Registrar.


To enroll in a Mizzou Study Abroad program, you must meet these requirements, as well as any additional requirements specified by the program.

  • Be classified and enroll as a visiting student through the Office of Admissions or Graduate School.
  • Be in good standing and eligible to return to your home university.
  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average.
  • Have completed 24 semester hours of college coursework.
  • Possess the necessary prerequisites for enrollment to any course.
  • If applying for graduate-level credit, have a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from a U.S. university or a university in which the language of instruction is English. International, non-degree students should consult the MU Graduate School for more information.

Application process

  1. Contact the study abroad program adviser. Email to confirm your eligibility and other program requirements.
  2. Apply to be a non-degree visiting student at MU. Before applying to study abroad, you must first enroll as a visiting student at MU. Upon acceptance, you will receive two emails with your myZou account information, including your MU username (PawPrint) and temporary password.
    • Undergraduate students: If you are enrolled as an undergraduate in another college or university, apply through the MU Office of Admissions as a visiting student.
    • Graduate students: To obtain graduate-level credit, apply through the MU Graduate School as a non-degree seeking student.
    • If you are not enrolled in another college or university and are seeking undergraduate credit, apply through the University Registrar to the Visiting Student Program. There is no application fee.
      • Graduate credit is not available through this program.
      • The Study Abroad office will facilitate course enrollment, including enrollment in more than the maximum credits normally permitted through the Visiting Student Program.
  3. Apply to the study abroad program. After activating your MU username and setting a password, you can follow the instructions to apply for a Mizzou Study Abroad program.

Program finances

Detailed program budgets are available on the costs tab of each program page.

Financial aid and scholarships

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships from MU. You should work with your home university’s study abroad and financial aid offices to research financial aid and scholarship options. If you are not currently enrolled in another college or university, you may not be eligible for any aid or scholarships.


Study abroad program costs paid to MU will be billed to your myZou account. You are responsible for arranging timely payment to this account. Please do not send payment directly to the Study Abroad office. You can also authorize other users (such as a parent) to view and make payments through myZou — see the Cashiers Office instructions on how to add Additional Authorized Access.

To view and pay your bill online, you will also need to accept the terms of eConsent. You will be asked to do this when you first log in to myZou.

Graduate students enrolling in study abroad courses for undergraduate-level credit may be charged undergraduate or graduate tuition and fees on a case-by-case basis. Graduate students enrolling in study abroad courses for graduate-level credit will be charged graduate tuition and fees.