Vision, mission and values

Mizzou Study Abroad supports MU’s student success mission and strategic priorities under the direction of MU International Programs and in close partnership with MU academic units.

In addition to our student support services, Mizzou Study Abroad collaborates with academic units to develop global learning and student mobility strategic initiatives.


To ensure that by 2030 every student will have a global learning experience during their time at Mizzou, both on campus (or domestically) and abroad.


We provide transformative global learning experiences for students that support:

  • Academic success: Students reach their academic goals, develop academic persistence and accelerate their degree completion.
  • Leadership development: Students discover their personal voices and full potential as leaders.
  • Career exploration: Students develop professionally in order to maximize their opportunities for competitive employment in the 21st century global workforce.
  • Intercultural proficiency: Students gain deep understanding, respect and appreciation for all cultures.
  • Global citizenship: Students prepare for lifelong service to their local communities and the world.

Core values

Students first

Students are at the center of our operation. We love our Mizzou Tigers and want them to have a positive experience on our campus and abroad. We guide students to make decisions based on what is best for their academic and personal needs and provide our support to students before, during and after their global learning experience.

Diversity, inclusion and access

We are committed to designing global learning programs with a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. We actively engage with diverse students, campus colleagues and community partners. We maximize the success and inclusion of all students by providing high quality, affordable program options both internationally and domestically.


We seek and value the input of MU’s world-class faculty to design academically-enriching programs. We work closely with academic advisers and student support staff to provide excellent services to our students. We appreciate our students’ families and value them as student success partners. Our team values generosity with our time and skills in order to serve Mizzou and the Columbia community. We are grateful for our many international partners around the globe.


We thrive through change and are committed to fostering an environment that supports continuous growth, creativity and learning in order to provide students with original learning experiences and to better serve our campus.