Study abroad bucket list

By Brianna D.

Jan. 14, 2016

Hola! Welcome to my first blog post ever. I decided that I should keep a blog while I’m abroad so that I can document my upcoming adventures, and to keep all of my friends and family informed (and maybe a little jealous). Instead of boring all of you with my travel details and such, I decided to make this first post fun and give you a short version of my study abroad bucket list. I’ve actually never made a bucket list before, so this seemed like an appropriate time to do it.

  1. Learn to dance — flamenco, salsa, anything!
  2. Ride on the back of a moped (preferably with an attractive male).
  3. Visit Ireland.
  4. Go on a date — solamente en Español.
  5. Make friends with the locals.
  6. Visit friends who are studying abroad in other countries.
  7. Get a tan (or just a bunch of freckles).
  8. Buy Italian leather shoes (in Italy, of course).
  9. Take amazing photos.
  10. Bring back Holy Water from the Vatican for my mother (she is very serious about this one).

Of course, things will be added along the way, but for now this seems alright. I have more serious goals, too, like becoming as fluent in the language as possible and surviving El Camino de Santiago (a seven-day hike). Stay tuned this semester to hear about my progress on these goals, my bucket list y todas mis experiencias nuevas en España!

About the blogger

Brianna D. is studying abroad on the Universidad de Alicante: ALI Abroad program in Alicante, Spain.