¡Saludos Desde España!

By Noelia I.

Sept. 2, 2021

Arriving at Madrid-Barajas airport felt unreal. I dreamt of this day since applying to the program in February. I drove past the buildings, not knowing where to look. Amazed at the beautiful, historical structures and culture all around.

Noelia leans on a stone wall with a cathedral in the background
Day trip to Ávila

I am currently on week two of staying here in Madrid and have been loving every second of it so far. Since arriving, I have learned a bit of Spanish slang, tried different foods, learned how to use the metro, met students from Spain and took a day trip to Segovia and Ávila.

Adjusting to the time difference was a bit challenging the first week. Contacting my family and friends from back home with a seven-hour difference was a struggle. The hardest thing for me has been adjusting to the eating schedules. They usually have a light breakfast early in the morning, a couple of light meals throughout the day and dinner around 10 p.m. But nevertheless, the food is great! (I have yet to try paella.)

Crispy chorizo is sprinkled across fried eggs over chopped potatoes
Huevos revueltos con chorizo

I love the nightlife here. I am usually more productive and awake later in the day, so walking out at 11 p.m. and seeing all the traffic and people eating out during that time gives me a sense of happiness. With a couple more months left in this beautiful place, I cannot wait to see what else Spain has in store for me!

Noelia stand in front of a large stone cathedral
Catedral de Segovia
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