Ancient Mediterranean studies

There’s no better way to study ancient Mediterranean history, philosophy, religion, culture and literature than studying it abroad. In a culturally immersive experience, you will gain firsthand visual experience that will expand your knowledge in the field. Take your ancient Mediterranean studies abroad to explore the vast history you’ve read about in textbooks!

Recommended programs

From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire

In this program, you will travel and learn about some of the most important and impressive architectural and artistic achievements of the Greeks, such as temples built for powerful gods and goddesses on the internationally-renowned Acropolis of Athens, at Sounion with its scenic seascape, at Delphi with its majestic mountains and on the beautiful island of Corfu. On Crete, you will explore fascinating and mysterious archaeological traces of the Minoans, one of the indigenous civilizations that used to inhabit the Aegean. Enroll in this MU course:

  • AMS 4100/4100H (six credits)

University of Michigan: Gabii Project

This field practicum aims to introduce you to advanced techniques and methodologies of field archaeology through direct, hands-on, experiential learning at the site of Gabii, Italy. The program imparts both practical skills and contextual training, highlighting the full range of techniques that make up the modern archaeologist’s toolkit, including excavation strategies; data recording and digital modeling; artifact recovery, processing and analysis; and scientific applications that include the collection of osteological and environmental data. Enroll in this MU course:

  • AMS 2950 (six credits)

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