Enhance your engineering degree and stand out in the competitive global job market by obtaining experiential knowledge through studying, researching or interning abroad. Skills such as adaptability, intercultural communication and critical thinking are highly sought after in the engineering industry and can be improved by studying abroad.

Recommended programs

Six Sigma Certification in Ireland

Earn your Six Sigma certification as an intern for global companies in Ireland for four weeks over the summer. Open to all engineering majors, you will gain transferable work experience and network with international industry leaders. Enroll in this MU course:

  • IMSE 4380

Dynamics in Ireland

Experience the cross-cultural applications of dynamics — a core engineering requirement — in Ireland. Lectures will be brought to life outside the classroom, and you can expand your professional network through site visits. Enroll in this MU course:

  • MAE 2600

Strength of Materials in Ireland

Take strength of materials — a core engineering requirement — in Ireland while enjoying fascinating history, culture and cuisine. Apply course content to real-life applications through site visits and lectures. Enroll in this MU course:

  • ENGINR 2200

Thermodynamics in France

Study thermodynamics — a core engineering course — over the summer in Grenoble, France. Apply course content to real-life applications through site visits and lectures in a format only available through study abroad. Enroll in one of these MU courses:

  • ENGINR 2300
  • MAE 2300

Engineering in Cyprus

Explore Europe’s top Mediterranean island at the University of Nicosia over the summer. Take classes with students from around the globe and gain a global understanding of engineering applications as you study dynamics and fluid mechanics. Earn equivalent credit for these two MU courses:

  • MAE 2600
  • MAE 3400

DIS: Engineering

Study engineering in Sweden, a global leader in developing biomedical technologies and sustainable infrastructure. Expand your understanding of the field and professional networks through classes, field studies and core course travel. Available credit on this program can include:

  • BME 3170
  • CV_ENG 2800
  • CV_ENG 4085
  • IMSE elective
  • STAT 3500

IES Abroad: Engineering, Math and Science in Madrid

Take engineering courses in English at the prestigious Universidad Carlos III while learning Spanish language and culture in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You also have the option to add an internship experience to your program.

CEA: Engineering in Paris

Fall in love with engineering in the “city of love” and make progress toward your degree while learning the rich history and culture of France. Choose one to two engineering courses taught in English while completing social science and humanities requirements with courses focused in French history, culture and society. There is no language pre-requisite for this program, and it can accommodate all levels of French language proficiency.

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