Health science

Studying health science abroad is the perfect way to gain a global perspective of the field through immersive, intercultural experiences. Learn how public health interventions are implemented in other countries and better connect environmental, social and cultural contexts with access to health services. Explore diverse approaches to health care and gain real-world experience in an international setting.

Recommended programs

Health and Health Care in Costa Rica

Gain a comprehensive understanding of health issues through the global lens of a study abroad experience. A great program for health science, health professions or biology majors, this winter break program will broaden your understanding of disease prevention, disability compliance, health education and specific health issues in a local community. Enroll in this MU course:

  • HLTH_SCI 4002

Culture, Public Health and Social Services: Exploring Greece

Explore Athens, Greece, over the summer while broadening your understanding of contemporary global health issues. This firsthand experience will expand your horizons and enhance the context of your studies in public health. Enroll in one of these MU courses:

  • P_HLTH 8001
  • SOC WK 7001
  • HLTH SCI 4001
  • P_HLTH 4001-01
  • SOC WK 4101

Global Mizzou Service: Public Health and Education in Peru

Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America while expanding your perspective of public health. On this program offered over the summer or winter break, you will broaden your understanding and appreciation of Peruvian culture through health and service opportunities. Enroll in this MU course:

  • SRV_LRN 3028

Global Mizzou Internships

Develop professional experience through an eight-week summer internship. Eligible to fulfill the health science internship requirement, work for an organization in a global environment and gain valuable professional experience to make your resume more competitive. Placements available in exciting cities around the world. Recommended locations include:

  • Rome
  • Cape Town
  • Vienna

DIS: Summer Courses

Envision yourself in Copenhagen, Denmark, taking classes over the summer relevant toward your health science degree. Take advantage of the diverse catalog offered by DIS while participating in additional activities designed to expose students to Danish society and culture.

DIS: Public Health

Study in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a semester taking classes toward your health science degree. Globalize your degree through the broad course options that DIS offers for public health.

DIS: Child Diversity and Development

Embark on a semester program that integrates hands-on practicum experiences in educational environments with coursework in Denmark. Participate in field studies and tours that provide new perspectives on child development and education.

IES Abroad: Summer Health Studies in Cape Town

Experience the socioeconomic health care challenges of a developing country firsthand while earning six credits studying topics like child development, health sciences, kinesiology, nutrition and sociology.

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