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There’s no better way to learn about the politics and culture of region than experiencing it!

Recommended programs

Politics and Society in Central Asia

Discover how Kyrgyzstan’s history shapes society, culture and politics still today. Learn from practitioners, scholars and ordinary people about the political, economic and societal challenges facing Kyrgyzstan and how the government and the international community are working to address them. Available public affairs credit on this program:

  • PUB_AF 8001 (cross-listed with Political Science and Peace Studies)

Policies and Institutions of the European Union

Explore the home of the European Union headquarters in Brussels. Visit EU institutions and meet with officials in the European Union Commission, European Parliament and European nongovernmental organizations, as well as officials of the U.S. mission to the European Union that represents U.S. interests in Brussels. Available public affairs credit on this program:

  • PUB_AF 8850 (cross-listed with Political Science and Agribusiness Management)

Social Justice, Human Rights and Narratives in Costa Rica

Expand your understanding of social justice and human rights on a global scale by spending winter break studying abroad in Costa Rica. Earn three credits as you explore the way narratives and storytelling influence and determine policy, the meaning of national identity in a civil society and national pride, asking the question: What is Costa Rica’s story of another way? Enroll in one of these MU courses, which count as elective credit for the master’s in public affairs:

  • PEA_ST 7980
  • WGST 7874

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