Mizzou Abroad Photo Contest

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photographs Mizzou students bring back from studying abroad speak volumes about their life-changing experiences!

The Mizzou Abroad Photo Contest is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills (or luck) with a camera. Prizes are awarded for first place in each category and many of the photos are featured on our marketing materials and social media accounts.


  • Global Classroom: Educational moments inside or outside the classroom. Could show something that taught you about your host country or got you out of your comfort zone.
  • Landscapes and Architecture: Natural or human-made beauty around the world.
  • Cultural Snapshots: Provide a sense of place of the local cultural, people or traditions. Could include clear visual indicators of the host country (e.g., flag, country name, iconic landmark).
  • Tiger Pride Abroad: MU students featuring Mizzou branding or other demonstrations of school spirit.

Entry guidelines

  • You must have participated in a study abroad program during the 2023/24 academic year.
  • Photos must be your original work taken during your study abroad program, either in your host country(s) or in other places you traveled during your program.
  • You may submit one photo per category.
  • Technical requirements:
    • File format must be PNG or JPG.
    • Submit original, high-resolution digital files — do not submit photos posted to and then downloaded from social media.
    • Photos can be color or black and white.

Photo ethics

The photos submitted to this contest will be made viewable to the public and are not limited to just the MU campus, but could be shared with the host institution and local community where a photo was taken. It is important to ask yourself the following questions when selecting the photos you will submit for this contest.

  • Is your photo respectful of the subject(s) and host country?
  • If your photo has people in it, did they consent to the photo and do they approve of its submission to the photo contest? Submission of any photos that include children/minors must have written consent from the parent/guardian.
  • Does your photo promote any negative stereotypes or false generalizations about the subject(s) or host country?
  • Have you thought about the ways in which others who see your photo will interpret it and is there any reason someone might be offended by it?

Terms and conditions

In submitting photos to the contest, you agree that MU International Programs/Mizzou Study Abroad may use them for promotional and commercial purposes without further permission, conditions or compensation. Contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not conform to the stated guidelines and ethics.

Submission deadlines

  • March 15: Fall, winter break and calendar year programs
  • April 15: Spring break programs
  • October 15: Academic year, spring, spring break and summer programs


Judging will take place each fall and winners will be announced in conjunction with International Education Week in November.

Selection criteria

  • Technical merit (clarity, focus, lighting, etc.).
  • Representation of the study abroad experience.
  • Sensitivity toward the host culture.
  • Accurate representation of the category.


  • One first place photo will be selected in each category. The winners will receive a $200 Amazon gift card.
  • A People’s Choice winner will be selected from the finalists based on voting to be held in early November, and will also receive a $200 Amazon gift card.
  • Only one prize per entrant will be awarded. Honorable mention awards may be given.

Questions? Contact studyabroad@missouri.edu.