About CELL

The University of Missouri (MU, Mizzou) offers high quality English language instruction to non-native speakers of English through the Center for English Language Learning (CELL). CELL encompasses the Intensive English Program, English Language Support Program and special programs. The Intensive English Program, established in 1978, provides individuals with the English language skills necessary to successfully study for an academic degree at a college or university in the United States as well as to achieve professional or personal goals. The English Language Support Program provides language testing and coursework to assist MU international students in succeeding in their academic endeavors. CELL also offers customized language and cultural training for special groups.

Mission statement

The Center for English Language Learning provides high quality English language instruction to non-native speakers of English to prepare them for university-level studies, professional endeavors and community engagement. Through our courses, services and extracurricular activities, we:

  • Provide our students with a deeper understanding of academic and American culture, both within and outside of the university,
  • Assist our students with personal and cultural adjustments,
  • Foster support for international initiatives at the University of Missouri, and
  • Advocate for international students locally and nationally.

Value statements

At the Center for English Language Learning, we the students, faculty and administration strive to uphold these values:

We encounter diverse cultures and views with open minds. We are receptive to ideas that may challenge prior beliefs, knowledge and perceptions as part of academic learning and life experience.

We show respect for ourselves and for one another. We respect diversity in age, culture, ethnicity, gender, language, politics, religion and sexual orientation by acting with empathy, inclusiveness and courtesy. We recognize our various roles and responsibilities while practicing positivity in our interactions with others. These practices promote harmony, cooperation and unity.

We are honest, fair, ethical and accountable in all of our academic and personal actions.

We strive to achieve the highest academic and personal goals that we can envision. As global citizens, we make a diligent effort to be informed of matters related to our communities and the world.

Accreditation and memberships