English Language Support Program

How to enroll

Enrollment in an English Language Support Program course requires consent of the department. Students who are interested in taking ELSP 0100 (Grammar and Composition I), ELSP 0200 (Reading and Vocabulary) or ELSP 0300 (Grammar and Composition II) are required to take the MU English Language Exam, which is administered during the week prior to the start of classes in the fall and spring semesters. This exam is required of all new international undergraduate students, including transfer students. The exam results are used to determine placement in appropriate English language courses. Students may register for the exam in the Center for English Language Learning main office, 208 McReynolds Hall, before the day of the test.

Graduate students who are interested in taking ELSP 0400 (Oral Communication) will have a brief oral interview to determine their eligibility for enrollment. Appointments for the oral interview can be made by contacting Lily Sorenson, director of CELL.