English Language Support Program

Description of courses

The English Language Support Program at MU offers language courses to assist international students with reading, writing and speaking skills. The meeting times and locations of these courses can be found in MU’s schedule of classes.

ELSP_0100: Grammar and Composition I

Students learn the grammatical patterns and sentence construction used in academic writing and focus on improving sentence-level grammatical accuracy in the writing of coherent, well-developed paragraphs.

ELSP_0200: Reading and Vocabulary

Students develop vocabulary and reading strategies required to comprehend academic textbooks and literature in various fields of study.

ELSP_0300: Grammar and Composition II

Students learn how to write clear and well-developed multi-paragraph academic essays using various methods of organization through the process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and peer reviewing. Students also learn to work with sources. Grammatical structures relevant to the methods of organization are reviewed and practiced.

ELSP_0400: Oral Communication

This course emphasizes the development of fluency and intelligibility in spoken English. Through individual and group activities, students work on improving pronunciation, practicing conversation strategies and delivering oral presentations. Enrollment in ELSP_0400 is restricted to graduate students and scholars who have attained a satisfactory score on the TOEFL.

Grading and credits

ELSP courses are graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The course grades appear on students’ university transcripts as three-credit-hour courses. The credit hours do not count toward fulfilling graduation requirements for any degree programs. However, ELSP courses combined with an appropriate number of other MU courses satisfy full-time enrollment requirements for immigration purposes for students on an F-1 visa. For example, an undergraduate student who enrolls in one ELSP course must take at least nine credit hours of other university coursework; an undergraduate student who takes two ELSP courses must enroll in at least six additional credit hours.