Special Programs

The Center for English Language Learning is pleased to consider requests for short-term intensive or semi-intensive English language training and cultural programming for specialized groups. Please contact us for further information.

Past special programs

Southern Technical University Teacher Training

Four English language instructors from Southern Technical University of Basra, Iraq, attended a two-week program at MU to help prepare them to establish a new English Language Teaching and Learning Center at STU. At MU, the instructors observed English language classes in the Intensive English Program, attended workshops and visited other campus programs. Read more about this program.

Chongqing University Summer Camp

Nine engineering students from Chongqing University in China attended a two-week summer camp at MU during which they took classes in CELL focusing on the development of listening and speaking skills, as well as an orientation to American culture. They also attended lectures in the College of Engineering. The students participated in numerous excursions to familiarize them with the campus and local community.