Intensive English Program

Provost’s International English Scholarship

Study English in the MU Intensive English Program (IEP) and earn a scholarship for your bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri (MU). The Provost’s International English Scholarship awards a total amount equal to what you paid in IEP tuition and fees, and you will receive the scholarship in equal amounts for each semester of your undergraduate study at MU.


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  1. Receive admission to MU and the IEP in one of two ways:
    • Apply to MU as an undergraduate student. International Admissions will review your application and make an admission decision. If you qualify, you will receive conditional admission to MU, and your application will be sent to the Intensive English program to complete your admission to the IEP.
    • Apply to the Intensive English Program. Once you begin studying in the IEP, you can apply to MU as an undergraduate student. Admission to and studying in the IEP does not include or guarantee admission to MU.
  2. Complete the Intensive English Program. After you complete your English language study, the IEP will tell you, the MU Cashiers Office and the MU Office of Student Financial Aid how much money you paid to the IEP for tuition and fees. That will be the total amount of your scholarship to study at MU.
  3. Begin undergraduate study at MU and receive your scholarship. The university will look at your educational plan, and you will receive your scholarship divided into equal amounts for each semester that you study at MU.


Download a PDF flier about this scholarship in other languages:

The Provost’s International English Scholarship is an automatic award to any eligible IEP student who meets MU’s academic admission requirements. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

  • Be an international undergraduate student on a U.S. F-1 or J-1 visa.
  • Successfully complete at least one full-time term (spring, summer or fall) in the MU Intensive English Program.
  • Be continuously enrolled in the IEP and then in an MU undergraduate program. (Summer enrollment in both the IEP and undergraduate program is optional.) Any break in continuous enrollment must be approved by the director of Student Financial Aid.
  • Be continuously enrolled full-time in an MU undergraduate program unless a reduced course load is approved by International Student and Scholar Services.

There is no minimum GPA requirement to receive or keep this scholarship. However, if you are dismissed from MU due to poor grades, you will lose the scholarship.

If you have unusual personal circumstances that require you to leave the IEP or MU, you can apply for an exemption to the continuous enrollment requirement.

Scholarship details

Calculating your scholarship amount
Your scholarship will be equal to the total amount you spend on IEP tuition and fees for the time that you are enrolled in the IEP. The IEP will keep a record of your payments for tuition and fees, and will report the final amount to the MU Cashier’s Office and MU Office of Student Financial Aid.

International Admissions will estimate the number of terms that you will need to complete your undergraduate degree program. Your total scholarship amount will be paid in equal installments over the expected number of semesters of study, for a maximum of eight semesters.

Installments will not be paid for the summer term unless there is a remaining balance in the scholarship and the summer term is projected to be your final term of study at MU.

The scholarship will be automatically applied each semester as a reduction to your bill payable to MU. A form showing payout amounts and dates will be provided to you after completing study in the IEP and being admitted to MU.

Duration and disbursement
Your scholarship amount will be divided equally over the number of semesters MU expects that you will study to complete your bachelor’s degree. For most beginning undergraduate students, that is four years, or eight semesters. If you transfer credits from another university, that time could be less. Your scholarship cannot be divided by more than four years, even if you study at MU for more than four years.

You cannot condense scholarship payments into a shorter amount of time than MU believes you will need to graduate. MU will watch your progress toward graduation very carefully. If you graduate early, the per semester scholarship amount will be adjusted to ensure that you receive the total amount of money that you paid for tuition and fees in the IEP.

You cannot add another MU scholarship to the Provost’s International English Scholarship. If you are eligible for another MU scholarship, you will receive whichever scholarship gives you the highest award amount.

Scholarship award examples
Undergraduate study plan Amount paid in IEP tuition/fees Estimated number of semesters to complete bachelor’s degree Amount awarded per semester
Standard four-year bachelor’s degree program $12,000 8 semesters $1,500
Started with transfer credit and will need three years $12,000 6 semesters $2,000
Eligible expenses
Starting with fall 2019, tuition and fees paid to the IEP each term of full-time study are eligible to count toward the total scholarship award amount. The maximum number of IEP terms that can count toward the scholarship award amount is limited to five, including any summer term.

Ineligible expenses

The following items are not eligible to be included in the total scholarship award amount.

  • Textbook costs
  • Living expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Tuition and fees for a term in which you are repeating a course/level due to not achieving the requirements to move to the next level of study
  • Tuition and fees for a term in which you are voluntarily repeating a level
Termination of scholarship
You can lose the Provost’s International English Scholarship under the following circumstances:

  • You do not remain continuously enrolled in either the IEP or MU.
  • You voluntarily withdraw from the IEP or an MU undergraduate program.
  • You are dismissed from the IEP or an MU undergraduate program for any reason.

If you leave the IEP for any reason but then you return to the IEP later, you can receive a scholarship for the tuition and fees paid only for the terms after you return. You will lose the scholarship for any money paid to the IEP before you left.

If you leave MU for any reason, even if it is to study at another university, you will lose your scholarship. If you then return to MU, you may apply to the IEP for reinstatement of your scholarship, but reinstatement is very rare.

Reviews and appeals
Requests to review eligible expenses must be made in writing to the director of the Intensive English Program. Any appeal of the director’s decision must be made in writing to the director of the Office of Student Financial Aid, whose decisions are final.

Appeals for reinstatement of the scholarship for any reason must be made in writing to the director of the Office of Student Financial Aid, whose decisions are final. The appeal must clearly state the reasons and extenuating circumstances why you should be allowed to continue receiving the scholarship.